Colorado Liberals Already Caught Trying To Sneak in Votes From Illegals


Election integrity is incredibly important to the success of democracy in America. Without integrity, the results of any election can be manipulated incredibly easily. One of the biggest laws is about becoming an American citizen and not being a felon to vote. While some felons can have voting rights restored unless they are a citizen they cannot vote in this country.

Voting officials in Georgia and other states are setting up voter integrity laws. They want to ensure the country continues to have proper elections, with people having a fair chance to make their voices heard across the board. This infuriates the Democrats. They want people to vote by mail, and to get as many people voting as possible in the hopes they’ll vote for the left down the board.

One of their strategies to get those high votes has been to show a supporting and loving message to the illegal immigrants who have no voting rights. The hope is to make them lifers and then ignore them once they are given citizenship under their liberal agenda. Thus, stitching up votes for decades to come.

In Colorado, they didn’t get the memo that the voting process was still the same as always.

Per the Associated Press on October 10th, the office of Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold mistakenly sent postcards to about 30,000 noncitizens. These postcards were encouraging them to register to vote. Griswold’s office responded, blaming the error on a database glitch related to the state’s list of residents with driver’s licenses, and attempted to remind Coloradans and the world that illegal citizens would be unable to cast a ballot.

This kind of “mistake” is a huge one, and with many districts across the nation still allowing voting by mail without special exemption, this is a dangerous message to put out there. Colorado is one of the only all-mail voting systems in the nation. If you are registered at least eight days before the election, you’ll receive a ballot by mail. For the people in Colorado, this works, but it also increases the opportunities for fraud. Something postcards like this encourage.

With a system that allows non-citizens to obtain driver’s licenses, there needs to be a mark in the system for that kind of information. Specifically, when that same data is cross-referenced to send out things like voting registration reminders. While it’s convenient that the cards are printed in both English and Spanish, it’s not a good look to send them to everyone on the driver’s license list. Even if you cross reference it against a list of people who are not currently registered to vote.

This kind of voting system and campaigning has been up for debate for years, and it is proving to still have plenty of fail points. The American people deserve better. They deserve to have their voice heard, and not have to worry about the voice of an illegal canceling their vote out. That’s just not what America is about, and that’s not how our voting system operates.

It also raises the question of how bad the election fraud by the Democrats has become. For years now votes have been counted by machine and recounted by hand. With some districts catching people sneaking in votes, many are left wondering if these are isolated incidents, or if they are just the decoy being set up, so investigators don’t pay attention to the bigger fraud incidents.

No matter how the situation is set up, voter fraud is wrong. Mailing “register to vote” reminders to illegal immigrants is wrong. The representatives from Colorado have made a grave mistake, and more than ever it underscores just how much this country needs voter integrity laws. Without them, who knows how far the left will go to rig elections?