It’s Time That Biden Learns His Fist Bump with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Meant Nothing

Matias Lynch/

Joe Biden assumes that everyone is inherently good. If he’s not going to allow the U.S. to produce oil, obviously Saudi Arabia and OPEC will take care of things, right? After all, he even fist-bumped the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, during his visit in July.

Keep in mind that this is the same Biden who promised during his presidential campaign to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” for the human rights abuses that took place during the seven-year war with Yemen.

Biden says what he wants with the hope that he gets his way. And now, he’s having to pay for that. The only problem is, he’s also forcing the American people to pay.

Biden didn’t actually want to make Saudi a pariah because he needs the country to produce more oil – and thus, reduce gas prices for Americans.

OPEC decided to cut oil production, which means that everyone will be paying higher fuel prices throughout the winter. And this is after Biden tried to woo the crown prince with a significant amount of political capital.

The Saudis are likely laughing so hard that their turbans are at risk of falling off.

There’s been a 2% reduction in the world’s oil supply. And although gas prices started to drop, they’re slowly increasing again.

The Saudi-led OPEC cartel has dealt a significant blow to the Biden administration because this is all taking place just before the midterms.

Democrats loved to shove the lower gas prices in everyone’s faces. Now, they cannot do that. It’s clear that Trump was better at dealing with OPEC. And the photo of Biden’s fist bump is now just a laughable piece of memorabilia. It will haunt him and every Democrat until the end of his presidential term.

The Guardian poses an important question now that it’s clear that Saudi Arabia wants nothing to do with Biden or the White House: “if Washington can’t count on a steady supply of oil, what does it get in return for its decades of unwavering support for the House of Saud?

Let’s be clear. Saudi Arabia and the US have never been allies. It’s been a transactional relationship, at best. OPEC kept oil production and prices at levels that were acceptable to DC. Even though the US is capable of producing its own oil, they rely on much from OPEC. And when they aren’t getting oi, they sell the House of Saud billions of dollars worth of advanced weapons.

There’s been a political understanding, even without a written agreement.

It’s clear that Prince Mohammed is ready to ditch that political understanding – and he’s prepared to humiliate President Biden in the process.

Biden thought he was so cool with his fist bump – but now what? The Saudi prince has made an ass out of the old man. Biden must figure out how to respond with force or risk the prince taking even bolder (and potentially more dangerous) moves toward the US.

As The Guardian identifies, “It’s time for Biden to acknowledge that his supposed realist approach toward Saudi Arabia has failed – and tear up the oil-for-security deal.

Will Biden act appropriately and prove to Saudi and OPEC once and for all that the U.S. is more than capable of being energy independent? Or, will he allow the environmentalists to send the US down a path of self-destruction that we may never recover from? Time is of the essence.