China Threatens Taiwan with ‘Use of Force’

Alexander Khitrov/

October 16th began the opening sessions of the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Beijing according to their state-run media. These congressional sessions are always full of rhetoric, finding new ways to repackage old insults to the West, and insulting anyone who is not sitting at the table of allies with them. Naturally, this puts certain countries there without question.

Kicking off these sessions was General Secretary Xi Jinping. Xi was not there to spread a message of peace, prosperity, and tolerance. Even if that’s what people like President Biden were hoping for. Instead, Xi discussed the idea of utilizing any means required to take back Taiwan, and that means doing so at all costs. He did touch on the idea of doing so peacefully, but with the force, he addressed the topic with, it was clear that this man is ready for and welcoming war.

In the books of Xi, the CCP, and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Taiwan is ruled by “separatists” and will require “unification by force”. The People’s Republic of China is a result of the Chinese Civil War ending in 1949 as they fled China to Taiwan. Since then, Mainland China has kept a so-called “One China” policy, and not interfered with their daily lives, but always considered the island a part of the country.

Given the computer design, cheap toy manufacturing, and shipping logistics that Taiwan provides among many other goods, it’s clear to see why mainland China is doing everything it can to exude pressure on them to officially fall under the Chinese flag. With recent visits by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and President Biden claiming that the US would defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion, you have a recipe for disaster.

Despite all the bumbles by Democrats to keep the peace in the Indo-Pacific region aside, Taiwan has done a tremendous job of staring communist adversity in the eye and keeping their small island home free from much outside influence. Developing their militaries, and ensuring they get ample training, they have stood ready to best any advance by China or any other country. Multiple times a week they have scrambled fighter jets to keep Chinese planes and boats away from their territory. Since Biden took office Taiwan has had to scramble these jets over 1400 times.

Back in May, the PLA conducted an invasion drill, to simulate how re-capturing Taiwan would look, and it made the rest of the globe stand up and take notice. Even Australian authorities were asking themselves how they could help defend Taiwan in that event, and if they have a responsibility to ensure Taiwan stays free.

The “One China” policy is one the US adheres to on paper, and when White House staffers need to walk back Biden’s ramblings. This policy “does not support Taiwan independence” while allowing them a direct pathway to US “defense articles and services” per the US Dept. of State. It’s a policy that also makes no sense given that the policy is completely contradictory.

As a rule, Taiwan is like the yin to North Korea’s Yang. Both countries are at a weird standstill with their bigger and more technologically advanced country. They each have a separate identity from that other country too. The only thing stopping either of them from becoming a part of the bigger country once again is a bloody and quick war.

With the convening of the CCP congress, Taiwan, the US, and other nations are being put on notice. Things are likely to destabilize in the region in the coming months if not weeks. This is not a war we want, but given the remote island nature of Taiwan, this will not be a battle like Ukraine. Should the US get involved, there will be American lives lost, and Biden will be the root cause of this war.