Jill Biden Not Just Joe’s Wife, but Also His White House Guide Dog

Ever since Joe Biden started campaigning for the 2020 election people have been wondering about his mental state. Those concerns have only grown stronger during his time as President as he frequently shows signs of mental incompetence and being completely unfit for the job. According to recent reports, there is much more to be concerned about.

In many families, it is not uncommon for the wife to help her husband make decisions. That helps create a healthy balance for parenting, budgeting, and life with someone else. Naturally, you’ll talk about work and what’s been going on. That kind of pillow talk is not expected to change if you are elected President.

However, it’s not expected that your wife will be making decisions about how you do your job, and who is working for you. Jill Biden, it seems doesn’t realize where her line is. Per a report from the New York Times, she confronted a senior member of the White House staff demanding to know who would be putting an end to his press conference. The witness did not elaborate on their response.

Lasting for over two hours, the press conference opened with a list of pre-selected reporters to softball questions to him, and then he opened the floor to everyone. One reporter took advantage of this time to ask about his mental health status. At least one person was willing to ask the hard questions for once.

At times someone in charge of a large company might ask his wife about two candidates for promotion if she has met them both numerous times, or has heard about them for years. Reportedly, that’s not quite how the Bidens are doing it. Instead, Jill seems to think she should be directly overseeing the people Joe picks as his aides during his time in the White House.

If it was just the cleaning, cooking, or even the hallway liaison staff her input would be welcomed. Instead, she has been picking key advisors and even was part of the vetting process for former press secretary Jen Psaki. The Daily Caller tried calling to confirm these reports but was ignored as per usual.

Seeing this kind of influence from a First Lady is not only unusual, but it also raises even greater questions. How much has Joe entrusted her with? Is she really pulling all the strings in private? Should we be blaming her for this failure of a Presidency?

She has led him off stage during previous appearances with much confusion. She ended up sending the Easter Bunny to separate him from people asking about Afghanistan and earlier had to tell him to wave to the people in attendance. The American people have a right to be suspicious about her and the way she is involved in the politics of the country, especially when she seems to be incredibly deep.

For now, the American people are stuck watching this feeble, weak-minded, ready-for-the-hot-porridge old man claiming to lead the country while his wife very obviously is controlling his every move. If they were not politicians we would be asking if she can care for him, or if they should both be in a senior living facility.

How either of them is allowed near a single classified document, a pen to sign bills into law, or the nuclear football is beyond comprehension. He has visibly gone senile, his wife is controlling everything he does, and we are all stuck watching this car wreck unfold. It would be sad if it weren’t so damn infuriating.