Liberal AZ Candidate for Governor Ducking the Press at All Costs


The state of Arizona has always been a unique place to campaign. It’s not only a very expansive state, but it also has a diverse population with many different value systems. While there is a very heavy Mexican and overall Hispanic population, the Democrats are unable to rely on that as a voter base. Many of them are here illegally and won’t risk deportation over a vote. That still hasn’t stopped the left from targeting them in their campaigns.

Gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs isn’t targeting them as she runs a Democratic campaign for Governor. Rather, she isn’t targeting anyone. Sure, she has canned ads that make her sound like a potential solution to the problems of Arizona, but she only addresses her stance on abortion. Everything else she says is just hot air; which is ironic because that’s all the press got from her on October 18th.

According to multiple sources, Hobbs was at The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University in Phoenix, AZ. While there all the journalists there to speak with her found themselves herded into a school room. Everyone was given the impression she would show up, with officials keeping them in the room. Much to everyone’s dismay she never showed.

What she did do, was escape out through a freight elevator in the back. Like a thief in the night, she was there one minute and gone the next. Not even a half-assed excuse was provided for her sudden disappearance.

This is not a one-time instance either. There have been other stories of her walking away from reporters like a mob boss. Given the positive mainstream coverage her campaign had been garnering, it just doesn’t make sense. Previously, many national reporters gave her the best shot of turning a red state blue.

With this recent breakdown in communication, many are beginning to doubt that previous sentiment. In the few instances, she has freely spoken to reporters, it has been carefully vetted reporters who are asking pre-selected questions. The kind of questions she could answer in her sleep with a completely inauthentic answer. There may have been signs that this was coming.

On October 8th, Hobbs was at a town hall debate. An event where candidates weren’t to be on stage at the same time. Well, her opponent Republican Kari Lake decided to sit in the audience. In the front row. Given how hard Hobbs had been trying to avoid her, she had officials come out and tell Lake to go back to a holding room.

This was an idea Lake rebuffed, even when told it was a rule. When she or anyone else asked for a copy of the rules they were denied. Proclaiming to officials that she was unaware of that rule, she instead told Hobbs to come out and have a debate with her. According to insiders, Lake was correct about the way things had been explained; she just couldn’t be “on stage” with Hobbs. Nothing said she couldn’t be in the audience.

This was not a live on-TV event, but rather it would be taped so it could be played back for people later. This didn’t matter to Hobbes. Instead, she used the time to freak out in the green room and waste everyone else’s time.

Katie Hobbs is handing this election to the former Phoenix TV host, and Lake loves every moment of it. Given the mainstream media’s expectation that Hobbs would run away with the victory, how could she not relish in watching this liberal self-destruct? Then again, that is the signature move for the left; do everything the way they want you to or they will throw a temper tantrum. We have seen this with each of these brain-dead liberals for decades, and now Hobbs is just another statistic. Good riddance.