Minorities Actually WANT to Show ID at the Polls

Rob Crandall/shutterstock.com

If we listen to the Democrats, minorities aren’t able to vote in any of the elections because conservative voting laws require them to show ID at the polls. And how dare we make them show ID at the polls? They don’t have ID.

Why not, though? You need an ID to cash a check, fill a prescription at the pharmacy, enroll a child in school, and drive a car. It’s not as if minorities aren’t thriving members of society.

This is all a ploy so that the Democrats can sneak as many illegal migrants into the polls as possible. After all, that’s why they have the borders wide open. They need more liberals to vote for their progressive, socialistic politics.

American citizens have the right to vote – no one else. And while we have plenty of minorities, they have the right to vote as long as they can produce an ID to PROVE that they are American citizens. It’s simply a way of establishing checks and balances.

While the Democrats continue to push the need to do away with showing ID, the reality is that minorities have no problem with showing ID. They have it, so why not show it?

The problem is coming to light in Georgia where 61 percent of Hispanics say that they support the state’s requirement to show proof of identification if they’re going to cast an absentee ballot.

As Breitbart explained, “For years, Democrats, the establishment media, and giant corporations have suggested that requiring photo ID to vote is racist and suppresses voter turnout among non-white Americans.”

Isn’t it more racist to assume that non-white Americans are incapable of obtaining a photo ID? How elitist are they?

The University of Georgia conducted a poll that revealed that Hispanic Americans across the state supported the voter ID laws, much to the chagrin of gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

The voter ID laws are most popular with Hispanic Americans between the 30 to 44 year age group, where over 90 percent say they support the conservative policies. Meanwhile, those in the 45 to 64 age group support by over 73 percent.

Even those who are non-college-educated support the state’s ID laws for voting by over 80 percent.

The reality is that people understand the need for an ID. And those who are actively involved in society have an ID that they can show. They have nothing to hide.

For those without an ID, they are living off the grid. They can’t participate in any active role in society – and, therefore, do they even care about voting?

You would think that if the Democratic Party was so focused on being “fair” and avoiding racism, they would prioritize getting an ID for everyone so that they can not only vote within the law of the state but also use those IDs elsewhere in life.

While the poll didn’t cover any of the other minorities, including Black and Asian Americans, the same overall feeling is likely to be encountered.

No one wants to see the elections being cheated by people who aren’t allowed to vote. If showing an ID helps to add integrity, they are happy to abide by the law.

It seems the only one troubled by the law is the Democrats – and that has to make you wonder why they are so insistent on not requiring IDs. It’s just another way that they want to cheat the system, and Georgia is holding strong.