Biden Loses it and Puts His Hands on Two Reporters

mark reinstein/

Biden has been unable to be challenged ever since he started running for office, but he is getting much worse. As soon as anyone questions him or offers facts contrary to his, he shuts the whole conversation down. And when that doesnt work, Biden tends to lose it on people. The president has even used foul language at voters and has insulted reporters. 

Just this week, Biden snapped at a reporter who simply asked him whether his releasing 15 million more barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was a political move. The thought was that this move would help Democrats in the coming midterms. 

And when Fox NewsPeter Doocy asked the president about what his first domestic priority was inflation or abortion, Biden just didnt like the question. The president insulted Doocy and said the issues were all important, unlike you, theres no one thing.

Later, it got even worse when Biden was attempting to leave in his helicopter to go to Pennsylvania so he could campaign for John Fetterman. He stopped to speak with reporters, and one reporter put him on the spot. 

John Fettermans gonna appear with you today in Pennsylvania, but there havent been that many candidates campaigning with you….”

That is an absolutely true statement, but it ticked Biden off. He then interrupted the reporter and grabbed her saying, Thats not true! Thereve been 15. COUNT KID, COUNT!

Can you believe that the president of the United States reached out and grabbed a reporter to shout her down? He insulted her by calling her a kid,even though she is an adult, and all she did was ask him a legitimate question. 

The truth is that Joes number of 15 probably isnt even accurate, and even if it is, its really not something anyone should be bragging about. Do you realize how many elections are happening now?

This is a major sign that things are really bad for Democrats when candidates feel the need to avoid an unpopular president because of what he has done to the country. 

Unfortunately, blue is blue, and whether he is there or not the party Democratic Party has to own him. 

Biden had a tussle with another reporter who asked him if abortions should have any restrictions. 

He responded, Yes, there should be.The reporter asked, What should they be?Biden lurched back and grabbed the reporters hands, It’s Roe v. Wade. Read it, man. Youll get educated.

Somebody needs to keep this man from touching people!

Social media did not take too kindly to that really bad point that Biden made. First, Roe is overturned, and the bill Biden and the Democrats are using to replace it has no restrictions and would allow mothers to kill their babies right up until birth. And thats exactly where most Democratic candidates have been, or at least they have not distanced themselves from that. 

I dont think Biden thought through the answer that he gave while insulting the reporter who asked it. To even imply that there should be restrictions is going to anger many on the left. 

Its time for the White House Press Association to raise a complaint about the way Biden is treating reporters. If former President Donald Trump had laid a finger on a reporter, it would be on the news cycle non-stop. 

He needs to stop groping and sniffing women, and he needs to stop retaliating with touch when hes angry. That seems like something we should expect from the commander-in-chief of the United States. 

All in favor, say I.