Even Liberals are Growing Tired of AOC’s Brand of Politics

Ron Adar/shutterstock.com

AOC has turned politics into a game of being the biggest celebrity. She has over 13 million followers on Twitter and Instagram. And she even provides makeup tutorials as a way to connect with her audience.

She isn’t your typical politician. She posts photos of being on vacation before the paparazzi can do it for her. And she attends the MET Gala while also talking about “Tax the rich” – an oxymoron for sure considering that she has become one of the people that she supposedly hates.

For years, if she said something, there were enough liberals to lap it up as if it were gospel.

It didn’t matter how stupid some of the things were, either. At one point, she even talked about getting rid of cows to save the planet. Why? Their methane gas-filled farts were killing the atmosphere. Of course, that didn’t stop her from eating a burger in the Bronx, though.

The lawmaker isn’t just a Democrat from New York. She’s a Democratic-Socialist, with an emphasis on the socialist. She’s been a supporter of Bernie Sanders even before it was cool to do so.

She drank the Kool-Aid, so she wanted everyone to drink it along with her.

It seems that people have decided that the Kool-Aid doesn’t quite taste right.

In recent months, when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hosts a townhall, protesters and dissenters show up to crash the party.

AOC can’t seem to get a hold of those showing up.

Sometimes she’s seen dancing in between the chants as though she’s really getting into it. Considering it’s all just noise, who knows whether they are for or against her?

However, there are also times when she’s trying to get the crowd in order so that she can speak – and a thicker-than-normal accent comes pouring out. Whether it’s put on or not is anyone’s guess, but it shows that even she’s losing control.

If people were supporting her, wouldn’t they want to hear what she has to say? It would seem as though AOC has lost her flock.

AOC has proven one thing – she’s not familiar with people disagreeing with her in such a flagrant manner. The young radical is ruffling feathers because she’s not listening to the people within her district.

AOC wants to promote the progressive agenda which includes ignoring the border crisis, eliminating voter ID cards, and allowing abortion around every turn.

The problem is that many people want the border secured, they want to ensure the elections are secure, and they believe in the sanctity of life.

It’s hard to support AOC when she is against all of the things that many Americans hold sacred. So she can dance to the chanting all that she wants, but she’s going to learn sooner than later that she doesn’t have as many diehard supporters as she once did. And why? She hasn’t given them anything that they can hold onto.

As RedState recently reported, “Whatever magic AOC brought to the table is clearly wearing thin and the once infallible princess of the left is now facing the end of her time as the unofficial leader of the Democrat Party.”

AOC is up for re-election in the midterms. Will she hold onto her seat, or will she get replaced by Tina Forte from the GOP? It will be interesting to find out.