This Senator Is Just As Delusional as Biden About Inflation


Ever since Joe Biden became President, the Democrats have been finding reasons to blame everything else for the shortcomings in Joe’s policies. Even before he was sworn in, Trump was the problem for anything wrong in America, and only sleepy Joe could save them. Then they got their wish, and now we have seen almost two years of nothing but consistent failure from Washington.

Now as the midterms are at our doorstep, Sen. Maggie Hassan is speaking up about everything she blames for inflation. Not Joe Biden. Not her own voting record. Not OPEC+. Nope, in her eyes, this is all about COVID and the war in Ukraine.

Speaking to a WMUR 9 interviewer in New Hampshire, she was asked about the way government spending directly impacts inflation. Sadly, her response was nothing but what we should expect. “There was a lot that we needed to do. When you talk with economists, they are really talking to us about the things I mentioned — about getting these long-term drivers of inflation back under control. And they really are related to the pandemic and the war.”

She ignored the fact that prices have soared since Democrats regained control of the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the administrative state. To her point, gas was $2.39 a gallon at the National average. When Russia invaded Ukraine, it was already $3.53. As of the time of this writing, it sits at $3.82. Her idea of inflation and soaring gas prices is not all Ukraine or even a good percentage.

Their time in office has been spent destroying the value of our dollar and lining the pockets of green energy groups with cold hard cash. Biden made this known on the campaign trail when he vowed to cut American oil drilling. When he took office, attacking oil production was job number one.

Within the last two years, the cost of oil drilling has skyrocketed with both public and private funding. Public lands that were once available to be drilled are now completely off-limits. The Keystone pipeline is nothing but a faint memory.

Despite Joe doing so much damage, he couldn’t have done it all on his own. Sen. Hassan has been incredibly helpful in destroying the country from the inside out herself. Her voting record is like something out of a bad dream with how strongly she follows down the leftist line. To say that she blindly follows Joe around would be an understatement.

She has voted for Biden’s $3.5 trillion budget plan, the $1.9 trillion for coronavirus stimulus, a debt limit increase, plus the $3 trillion infrastructure package. The cherry on top of her voting record is her going along with the $700 billion “Inflation Reduction Act”. Never mind that every financial expert agrees this will not save Americans any money, but likely will increase inflation.

Retired Army Brigadier General Don Bolduc, Hassan’s Republican challenger has been attacking her on this very record since day one. “Look at what has happened to New Hampshire: historic inflation, people are hurting, they can’t afford the necessities of life. We’ve got to get rid of career politicians. Granite Staters say, ‘Number one problem is career politicians.’ Twenty years, right there,” he proclaimed as he pointed out Hassan.

Perhaps BG Bolduc is a shining example of what we need to defeat the left and get them completely out of power.

A group of Veterans who are willing to sign on the dotted line to serve their country again. They already know the country incredibly well from the rich mix of people they serve alongside, and they aren’t scared to stand up for what’s right. They would make the best politicians we could ask for. Just look at FL Gov Ron DeSantis and TX Congressman Dan Crenshaw. Both were hard chargers in the military, and have done great things in politics. Perhaps that’s what we need more of?