DeSantis Responds to Being “America’s Governor”

Hunter Crenian/

There has been a lot said about Florida Republican and Governor Ron DeSantis over the past few years. One of the main things you’ve likely heard is that he’s “America’s Governor,” or at least that’s what people are beginning to refer to him as.

Obviously, he’s not really the governor of the whole nation, as that is simply an impossible task and one that isn’t allowed.

Instead, he gets the moniker from being the kind of leader, in this case, a governor, who all of America would want as their own.

Take his response to the COVID-19 pandemic, for example.

Unlike the leaders and governors of most other states, especially liberally led ones, DeSantis refused to assume that just because everyone else was shutting down that was what he needed to make happen in his state. Rather, he actually followed the science.

He looked at the data. He and his staff poured over research. And based on those facts, not mere hysteria, they came up with a sound plan that was best for everyone within the borders of Florida. Of course, that decision was contrary to what everyone else was doing or even telling him to do.

As a result, they said he would fail and labeled him a villain, someone who didn’t care a clue about his citizens.

However, here we are on the other end of the pandemic and one thing has become more clear than most, Florida is the most recovered state in the union.

Of all of the United States of America, Florida has one of the lowest unemployment rates. They have the most active economy. And despite having the highest density of “at-risk” citizens in the nation, their health is also one of the best.


Well, because DeSantis refused to let his state be dictated by those hundreds of miles away who told him everything should be shut down, who told him to mask up on every occasion, and who demanded that we all be double, if not quadruple, jabbed.

Of course, there are other major decisions DeSantis has made in recent years and months that tout his ability to not only think outside of the box but to do what his people need and want, rather than just what those at the top suggest.

You know, things like installing a bill that forbids children under fourth grade from being taught about gender identity and sexual preferences. He also helped to put laws in place that keep girls bathrooms for girls only, and not biological males who claim to be girls. And have you heard of the way he shut Disney down?

No wonder people are impressed with what he’s doing and what he’s done. It’s also then, no surprise that people all over the nation are hailing him as “America’s Governor.”

But what does he think of that nickname?

He recently brought this up while speaking at an interfaith educational freedom event in Boca Ratan on Saturday. Of course, like any good leader, he didn’t boast about himself. Rather he turned the tables, and used the opportunity to praise his wife of 12 years, saying that “Florida is blessed to have the best first lady in all 50 states.”

DeSantis then went on to again, not to praise himself, but to acknowledge that what made Florida great, particularly in a time when so many other states are suffering, is that he and his team did “the right things when it wasn’t easy.”

He explained that more than anything else, courage is what makes great leaders. It takes courage to stand your ground, to do what is right, and not bend to all those around you telling you to do the opposite.

And courage is something he’s definitely proven that he has.

Furthermore, America and his state have noticed. According to recent polls, he’s up some 11 points over his Democratic opponent and former Florida governor Charlie Crist. And with just days between now and Election Day, that margin isn’t likely to shrink much, if at all.

Here’s to another four years of America’s Governor.