The Only Thing That Can Stop Biden from Running

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Clearly, there are only a few more short days before America heads to the polls to elect a new Congress or at least a good portion of one. If you didn’t know, all of the House of Representatives members are up for re-election, as are about half of the Senate. Of course, there are also state-level races for governors and all kinds of other positions as well.

But with such a short time between now and then, there is little to talk about or do to change the results. As it stands, it’s expected that the Republican Party will take back the majority in at least the House and possibly even in the Senate.

And that means the focus is beginning to turn in earnest to our next election cycle, 2024, during which we could elect a new president.

To be sure, the reality of that is more than likely, as our sitting president no longer seems truly capable of doing the job now, let alone in another two or four years. However, as you well know, he’s only in the middle of his first term, meaning he’s technically allowed to run for a second.

The question is, will he? Is he smart enough to recognize that his mind isn’t what it once was and step down? Or will he continue to assert that he’s still got what it takes even though we can all tell he doesn’t?

For former White House Press Secretary to Donald Trump, Kayleigh McEnany believes Biden will run.
In a recent interview with Fox News’s Jesse Watters Primetime, McEnany was asked if it looks like Biden “could campaign for the presidency again.” Her response was no. He doesn’t look like he could do it. But that doesn’t mean he won’t.

In fact, McEnany says, “he will.”

Why? Well, to put it rather plainly, he’s far too stubborn.

McEnany explained herself by giving some examples. He was advised not to repeat the falsities about him being a part of the 1960s civil rights movement, during which he claims he was arrested at a march. But as recently as January, Biden was still bragging about this lie.

He was also advised by multiple military and White House personnel not to withdraw from Afghanistan at the beginning of his presidency, or at the very least not to do it in that way. And yet, he did what he wanted to anyway. And look where that got us.

Now, he’s already being advised to step down or at least not make plans to run again in 2024. But, as usual, he’s ignoring all sound advice. He’s already even announced that he will be campaigning to continue his good and “important work.”

As McEnany told Watters, “He is so stubborn… He’s stubborn, so he will run again, but no, he’s clearly not capable.”

However, she did note that there is one thing that could possibly dissuade him from trying for another White House term. And that is his family.

Mind you that isn’t getting advice not to run from his family. If they were smart, they’d have already advised against that.

No, it will be the dubious business dealings of his family that could prevent a possible 2024 run. As you likely know, investigations are already being pursued into Biden’s son Hunter and his allegedly nefarious deals with the Chinese, Ukraine, and Russia. But what’s more, is that Biden himself is also being tied to such moves.

As Watters asked, what if even more comes out about the Biden family, making them look even more criminal and corrupt? Clearly, that would make Sleepy Joe rethink running again, right?
And McEnany agrees, saying that the only real thing to get him to “step aside” would be his family.
But then again, particularly if Hunter or other family members are convicted, his power as president would be the only thing to pardon or save his family. And so, to make sure he keeps that power, he may choose to run again anyway.

Of course, neither will likely end in triumph for the Bidens. America is already less and less likely to put Biden back in the office by the day. And adding news of criminal endeavors isn’t going to help. He can run all he wants, but it will be a massive waste of time, energy, and money, for sure.