Is Media Gaslighting for Dems Ahead of Midterms?


If you listen to Democrats long, you’ll hear a message about how voters care most about abortion, because abortion is their choice, right? You’ll hear them boast about being the party to give them that choice and not take it away. And you’ll also hear that the Republican Party is talking about all the wrong issues.

You will also hear this same narrative from most mainstream media outlets, that why people are headed to the polls in record numbers this year is to make sure that women, and men wanting to be women, are given a choice about getting rid of unexpected and annoying pregnancies.

You might notice that this is the same party that took away our choice of being vaccinated or wearing a mask…

However, as Fox News Tucker Carlson explains, that’s not at all the facts of life right now.

Sure, people rose up in June following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and make the legality of abortion a state-level issue instead of a federal one. They said they were pissed about the choices they make about their body being dismissed as irrelevant. And some likely actually was.

But far too many Democrats were secretly happy about the Court’s ruling. Not because abortion has now been made illegal in many states, but because they finally had something to supposedly talk about going into the upcoming November midterms.

I mean, what else are they going to use as a talking point?

Crime? Well, that’s certainly an important issue. In fact, it’s one of the top three actual voters and polls say people do care about going into the election. However, it’s one Democrats have already shot themselves in the foot over.

In city after Democratic-led city, we’ve watched as left-leaning leaders have made moves to shut down the police, to limit them, to defund them. As a result, crime has skyrocketed. The cities where it is the worst are those where liberal district attorneys such as George Gascon in LA, Alvin Bragg in NYC, and Larry Krasner in Philly have decided certain crimes are not worth punishing anymore.

They can’t really talk about the economy either, which is topic #1 on everyone’s mind these days. It’s been under Democratic control, again, that our dollar has been devalued, that inflation has risen, that interest rates are skyrocketing, and that the supply chains have failed.

Number three on the list of important topics, according to the most recent polling, is education. And again, the Dems are left with the unfortunate and only option of not touching it. As it stands now, most of the education problems of today, be it critical race theory, sexual identity lessons, or vaccination requirements, all stem from Democratic leaders.

So what does that leave them with? Race? Well, they can certainly try to use that in relation to crime, as they have for years. But it’s clear that America isn’t buying it, especially when confronted with the statistics surrounding crime and race as if not all races want safe neighborhoods.

Neither are we falling for the whole “MAGA Republicans” are ruining this nation bull. No matter how many times Dems trot out lines about how the GOP and former President Donald Trump were responsible for the January 6 capital incursion, Americans just aren’t all that interested.

As Carlson pointed out, according to a recent RMC Research/America First Policy Institute poll, “Inflation, crime and gun violence, healthcare, economic issues, and education were the most likely issues to be considered ‘very important’ among women for influencing their vote.”

It is noted that women are supposed to be the ones most hurt by the whole Roe overturn. And yet, abortion is not considered one of the major topics going into the midterms.

Furthermore, the poll indicated that most women actually “support abortion restrictions that are opposed by most Democratic leaders.”

But apparently, none of that matters.

How typically Democratic… They are given a list of what Americans far and wide considered to be important and they focus on something completely different. It just goes to show you just out of touch most Democrats are with the American people.