Joe Biden Gave $1 Billion to the Taliban and Won’t Say Where the Cash Went

Trent Inness/

America’s most humiliating foreign policy failure since the Fall of Saigon continues to haunt the taxpayers. Now that Afghanistan is under the full control of the Taliban, Joe Biden’s criminal regime continues to send that country American cash. Not “Ukraine corruption” levels of cash, but still – it’s a lot of cash. And Biden’s team is refusing to provide any accounting on where the money is going. Is this another 10% for the Big Guy pay-to-play scheme?

Surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban over the course of a weekend marked a turning point in Joe Biden’s unpopularity with the American people. His approval rating dropped below 50% after that failure, and it has never recovered. Biden’s approval rating has dipped as low as 27% in some polls. Joe Biden is less popular than Dick Cheney was, right after Cheney shot a guy in the face. That’s how bad Biden has been for the country, and this downhill slide really kicked into high gear with the shameful Afghanistan retreat.

That debacle really deserves more attention than it got. Team Failure left more than $80 billion in sophisticated military equipment and weaponry behind. Biden pulled American troops out without even telling our NATO allies, who also had troops on the ground there. Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to call Biden all weekend long but was never able to get him on the phone. Our British allies wanted to know what the hell was going on in Afghanistan, but everyone in the Biden regime was asleep at the switch.

When it became apparent that Biden had abandoned US allies in Afghanistan, he sent a handful of troops back. Since the Taliban had already taken over, the country was basically a powder keg at the time. 13 American soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber. Joe Biden looked at his watch as their coffins were brought home. Then, Joe Biden launched a retaliatory drone strike in Kabul which killed 10 civilians, including 7 children. Oops.

Back during the George W. Bush administration, Congress created an entity called the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) was created by Congress. SIGAR is supposed to oversee and give an accounting of all the foreign aid sent to Afghanistan after we went in and sort of wrecked the joint after 9/11.

SIGAR oversees money sent to Afghanistan via the US Agency for International Development (USAID). SIGAR has always done a good job at this. For the past 14 years of its existence through three different presidential administrations (Bush, Obama & Trump), SIGAR has always given Congress a full accounting of what USAID has done with the taxpayers’ money.

But not this year.

The State Department and USAID sent $1.1 billion to the Taliban this year. But now SIGAR cannot get any answers from the State Department, USAID, or the Treasury Department, about what the money was spent on. Congress has no idea who Joe Biden sent that money to or how it was spent.

This is illegal. Congress passed a law that USAID has to open its books to SIGAR, so that SIGAR can make sure that exactly this sort of corruption is NOT happening with the taxpayers’ money. Joe Biden sent a billion dollars to the Taliban, and now he won’t allow a congressionally appointed entity to open the books and see what the cash was spent on.

What does that lack of transparency tell you? Do you think Joe Biden is spending taxpayer money wisely? Does it seem like everything is on the up-and-up with the Taliban receiving all this cash, while the Biden regime won’t open the books and let Congress dot the I’s and cross the T’s? This is yet another crime that needs to be added to the impeachment proceedings when the new Republican Congress is sworn in this January.