Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act Gave the EPA $13B to Waste and Now They Want Your Help Blowing It

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been a deeply flawed government program for years. From rulings to suggested laws to enforcing these restrictive laws on American businesses, the EPA has crippled the American economy. Businesses scurry to India and China to make their products simply to avoid the EPA and keep costs down.

Tired of their bad image in the public eye, now the EPA wants the American taxpayer to help them blow the $13 billion the Biden administration provided them to waste. This money from the Inflation Reduction Act, which despite its name was chiefly created to push the Democrats’ health care goals and backdoor The Green New Deal. Unfortunately, they don’t want new ideas or pet projects. Instead, they just want public opinion on things like air quality or climate change projects.

Joseph Goffman, principal deputy assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation provided clarification on the reality of Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

“The Inflation Reduction Act provides states, tribes, communities, and organizations with the unprecedented opportunity to make lasting progress to equitably protect people and the planet from air pollution and climate change. We are eager to engage with all who have a stake in the success of these efforts, and our next steps will be guided by the wisdom and experience from the conversations we have and the feedback we receive over the next several months.”

Notice how he only wants to engage with “those who have a stake in the success” of specific issues. There is no desire to engage with the farmer who received a massive fine from the EPA for his cows pooping near a river running through his ranch. No desire to engage with the lobster fisherman who saw a downturn in his haul this year after multiple hurricanes wreaked havoc on New England.

This extension of the Biden puppet regime is horrific and disgusting. Instead of action protecting the environment or wildlife, they instead look to protect their special interest causes and pet projects. Nothing pleases them more than getting to trample all over the people whose efforts hurt the most while forgetting how they can help.

In true leftist fashion, the EPA’s request for public opinion will only be looking for and listening to the Greta Thunberg’s of the US. The word of those who aren’t crying about the progression of American industry has meant nothing to the EPA and will continue to mean nothing. That’s also why they stacked the deck against American voices.

Instead of a suggestion box, they did what they always do. They chose six pet projects for the American people to choose from. All of these have liberal special interest groups’ names written all over them.

Limited choices like this are the equivalent of giving Al Gore the sole right to sell “SMOG Credits” so companies don’t get EPA fines for air pollution. That program has done nothing but lined his pocket, while the environment gets no relief. Meanwhile, the costs for those credits are passed along to the consumer.

In one program, the EPA would pass out $5 billion to help states, local agencies, and tribes develop and implement “strong climate pollution reduction strategies.” Another one would kick over $4 billion to reduce transportation emissions, which would eliminate “dirty heavy-duty vehicles with clean alternatives.” Or you could choose the option of giving $1.5 billion to reduce methane emissions in the oil and gas sector.

Never mind the fact that “dirty heavy-duty vehicles” don’t burst into flames as electric buses have. Or that these methane emissions are a part of the oil and gas sector, and something that is either collected or burned off as a byproduct.

These programs aren’t the will of the people, and the Inflation Reduction Act isn’t either. This is just more pandering from the left to quietly increase inflation, and make Americans dependent on them. Damn backdoor socialism.