The Biden Administration is Now Helping Pregnant, Underage Illegal Immigrants Get Abortions

The Biden administration really doesn’t know when to stop. Why is it so important that they allow anyone and everyone to kill their unborn babies? Even those who are underage are allowed to commit murder with the help of the government.

Sonograms? Nope. Counseling? Nope. Opportunities to give the child up for adoption? Nope.

The Biden administration isn’t even focused on showing people that they have a growing baby inside of them. Instead, they’re willing to hand out pills or move people into a state where abortion is allowed – and even late-term abortion where the fetus may actually be viable on the outside.

It’s bad enough that we’re offering these services to our own. Now, the Biden administration is sticking its nose into what’s going on with illegal immigrants. The pregnant and underage girls coming in from the southern border who want an abortion are getting federal assistance.

Obviously, most of the illegal immigrants are crossing into Texas. In Texas, the heartbeat ban prevents people from killing the unborn the moment that a heartbeat is detected.

What could and should be done is send illegal immigrants BACK. ACROSS. THE. BORDER. Their healthcare desires are not our concern. If these women want an abortion, they can do so in their home country.

Oh, but that’s when the bleeding heart liberals step in. We have to help them! We can’t make them suffer with an unwanted pregnancy!

And so, rather than actually being moral (and fiscally responsible), the Biden administration has decided that it’s time to resettle them in states where abortion is legal.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) issued guidance that identifies that pregnant “unaccompanied children” (UC) should get the help that they need. “ORR staff and care providers must not prevent UC from accessing legal abortion-related services and that ORR staff and care providers must make all reasonable efforts to facilitate access to these services if requested by the UC.”

This means that it may involve transporting minors to states – and that’s extra time and money being spent. It also means providing non-essential healthcare services to someone who not only doesn’t have health insurance but does not have the funds to take care of the procedures on their own.

The Democrats are so blinded by the idea of providing abortion care to anyone and everyone that they don’t care that there are literally people entering the country illegally so that our government can foot the bill for their abortions.

It’s as if they’ve also forgotten about the Hyde Amendment – you know, the one that prevents federal taxpayer dollars from funding abortions, except for those instances that save the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest.

Marjorie Dannenfelser is the president of the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America organization. She has commented, “The Biden administration’s obsession with abortion is on display in this guidance which prioritizes placing all unaccompanied pregnant teens in radical abortion states — whether they want an abortion or not.”

It might be time that we stop to ask a very important question. Why is it that the Biden administration is so obsessed with abortion? Is this their way of controlling the population without anyone asking questions?

Either way, it’s immoral. And with now providing such services to every pregnant, underage, illegal immigrant, it’s about the start costing a lot more money.