Sen. Schumer Expects Republicans to Work with Democrats Despite Their Inability to Work with Us

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is under the impression that Republicans in the Senate will need to work with Democrats hand in hand to make things happen going forward.

In his mind, there are numerous bipartisan issues that the parties need to come together for to help the American people, but he seems to think the GOP has quickly forgotten everything he has done.

For the last 20 years, he has opposed Republicans at nearly every turn. His inability to come to the bargaining table with a clear mind and willingness to work with conservatives tells the American people everything they need to know.

Yet somehow, he is reaching out to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to try and bridge the gap where he thinks he can.

Speaking with The New York Times, Schumer detailed his plan. “I’m going to reach out to McConnell, and I want to say to the non-MAGA Republicans, ‘Work with us; we want to get some things done here.’ What gives us the opening is that they know embracing Trump and MAGA is a failure. Not all Republicans know it, but a large number do.”

Schumer then went on to explain how sincere he is, even though he suspects McConnell won’t believe him.

He also explained how the midterms helped them pad the Senate unexpectedly, and now things like climate change, gun safety, and prescription drug costs are high on the agenda for him and the Democratic party.

For all his faults, though, Schumer isn’t a complete moron. He also acknowledged that Democrats won’t be able to get everything done if they don’t reach across the aisle. “I’m going to say to my party, ‘We are not going to get everything we want; we’re going to have to compromise.’ It is a lot better to accomplish something than to just make a mark.”

This mindset is one he is alone on. McConnell, on November 15th, spoke of how close the elections were and how they are representative of how close we are as Americans, even politically.

“It appears the likeliest outcome would mean the American people have put a stop to two years of Democrats’ disastrous one-party government.” While not a completely incorrect statement, that’s not how voting played out.

McConnell then added, “If Washington Democrats do not want to pivot to sanity and common sense… if they will not help us address the ways their policies are hurting families, they will encounter stiff resistance from the sizable Senate Republican conference that half the country elected to be their voice.”

This kind of tough “stuck in the mud” mindset will make it impossible for either side to get something done. With McConnell turning his back away from the Trump-inspired Republicans, the few that Schumer would need to help make things happen might be easier to find than McConnell expects.

No matter how that plays out at first, Schumer is playing a fool if he thinks the American people will forget what he has done to us. The stranglehold he and other Democrats tried to put on the neck of conservative Americans was airtight, and it’s not easily forgotten.

He might think he’s going to get cooperation because the races were tight, but it won’t happen if he doesn’t bring something to the table first. It better be damn tangible too.