Globalists Dine on Wagyu Beef While Promising to Hinder Farmers’ Livelihoods

Natalia Lisovskaya /
Natalia Lisovskaya /

Globalists and climate change activists have been droning on and even sometimes screaming that the world is ending and that we must start changing our lifestyles before our planet is lost to us and our future generations forever. And they’ve been doing it for a while now. Long enough, in fact, we’ve either completely bought into all that mumbo jumbo or have learned to ignore it all.

For those of us who have chosen the latter, it’s probably because we consistently see a few major problems with all their “science” and demands.

Problem number one is that their science always seems to be a tad off, or should I say exaggerated. Remember when New York’s most liberal lawmaker, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, said that the oceans would swallow up states like California and the Carolinas in a mere twelve years unless we stopped flying airplanes, driving cars, or eating beef?

Well, it’s been nearly that long, and so far, only mere feet have been lost to the seas.

The other problem is that those who do all this prattling on about what we should and should not be doing to avoid climate change don’t seem interested at all in doing any of those things themselves. You know, the classic ‘rules for thee but not me’ scenario.

AOC, for instance, is still driven around in a gas-guzzling beast whenever she needs to get across town, she still eats beef, and yes, she still flies around the country more than most of us.

So do all the leaders and invitees of the most recent group of 20 gala.

As you know, the Group of 20, also known as G-20, is a group of some of the world’s most influential and well-off leaders who occasionally meet to discuss the world’s largest problems and propose solutions. Basically, they have lavish parties all in the name of promoting their climate change ideas.

The most recent gala occurred in Bali, where Indonesian President Joko Widodo and his wife, Iriana, hosted at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park.

According to the G-20’s report on the event, leaders spoke at great length about their “love, responsibility, courage, and devotion” to taking care of our planet – all while eating some of the priciest beef tenderloins in the world: Wagyu beef.

Now, for those of you who remember last year’s UN climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland, where many of these same leaders attended, you’ll know that beef, or more precisely, cattle, was named as one of the planet’s largest producers and contributors of methane emissions – what is supposedly killing off our atmosphere and causing global warming.

And so, world leaders decided to talk about the need to stop or limit beef consumption, as well as dairy, as, without those, there would be no need for cattle and their supposed detriment to our planet.

According to reports from the Glasgow conference, the plan was to reduce emissions worldwide by about 30 percent, and cattle or the cattle industry would take the hardest hit.

During this more recent gala, group members only confirmed their commitment to meeting such goals.

In fact, the declaration issued at the end of the gala stated, “Mindful of our leadership role, we reaffirm our steadfast commitments, in pursuit of the objective of UNFCCC to tackle climate change by strengthening the full and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement and is temperature goal.”

According to the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, reducing emissions by 30 percent by 2030, as is the goal, could “eliminate over 0.2°C warming by 2050.”

Of course, the reaffirmation of this goal was made over steak dinners…

Neither do any of these leaders consider what their goals will do to farmers’ livelihoods worldwide.

In New Zealand, for example, the vice president of Marlborough Federated Farmers, Richard Dawkins, says an emission tax will likely be placed on the farming industry to achieve their goals. Supposedly, the tax will encourage farmers to use more earth-friendly processes and limit the production of harmful critters like cattle.

But as Dawkins says, it will effectively obliterate what he calls the “golden goose” of the market. He explained to New Zealand’s Stuff that when these taxes go into effect, over 20 percent of sheep and beef production in the nation will be cut off, as will 5 percent of dairy.

And in a country where sheep outnumber humans five to one, that will make a huge difference.

As Dawkins points out, those industries “contributes 20% of GDP, one out of 10 jobs, and 75% of merchandise exports.” The golden goose, indeed.

And yet, G-20 leaders have no problem telling us that’s what needs to happen. Just so long as they still get their Wagyu and private jets.