Scientists Claim Global Warming is Causing More Strokes & Blood Clotting

Tom Wang /
Tom Wang /

Scientists in one of the most COVID vaccine-compliant nations on earth have concluded that global warming is to blame for the sudden rise in strokes, blood clots, and neurological disorders that only started appearing in March of 2021. All of the sicknesses and deaths couldn’t be related to something else, could they? This latest study pinning strokes and blood clots on global warming joins a long list of “scientific” studies claiming that various things are suddenly killing a lot more people for no apparent reason at all.

What a wild string of coincidences!

The fact is that the completely coopted by Big Pharma scientific community is ready to blame anything and everything BUT the dangerous mRNA shots that they pushed on the population (“Don’t blame us!”).

According to the research, conducted in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic of Ohio, earth’s temperatures have risen 13.6 degrees Fahrenheit since 1981. (Narrator’s voice: “Actually, that’s not true.”) Corresponding with that increase, which would be about 0.32 degrees per year if it were true, the rates of heart attacks, strokes, and neurological disorders suddenly skyrocketed within three months of the globalists’ COVID shot rollout.

See if you can track this reasoning. Wildfires in the western US pump lots of smoke into the air. The wildfires, according to the global warming cultists, are a result of global warming and not because of illegal aliens starting campfires. Anyway, all of that air pollution gets into everyone’s lungs. Those air particles, they hypothesize, then cause your blood to thicken. Which in turn leads to increased incidence of strokes, myocarditis, neurological disorders, and so on. Got it?

For reference, here are some additional things that “science” has determined are causing the huge increases in heart attacks, strokes, sudden adult death syndrome, myocarditis, and other problems since the COVID shot rollout began:

Skipping breakfast, Cannabis Use Disorder, vaping, watching soccer, watching sports other than soccer, shoveling snow, drinking alcohol, cold weather, high energy prices because of Joe Biden’s policies, high energy prices because of the Ukraine-Russia war, frisky time with your spouse, anxiety because of COVID, referee whistles during sports matches, anxiety over how well you’ve decorated your Christmas tree, binge-watching TV, being lonely, being old, being young, playing video games, falling asleep with the TV on, living under a flight path, certain sleeping positions, sleeping in a room where it’s too hot, and our personal favorite which appeared in a British newspaper recently, “shaking your duvet too vigorously while making your bed.”

It’s as if the scientific community is trying to drown out the mountains of real scientific evidence, primarily discovered in countries that are not America or Great Britain, showing a direct correlation between the COVID shots and sharp increases in a variety of negative health outcomes.
Those negative outcomes include tons of immune system disorders, hepatitis, myocarditis, pericarditis, strokes, heart attacks, and sexual sterilization.

When the US Army’s Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) figures were released in a court case earlier this year, it showed that neurological disorders, miscarriages, shingles reactivation, and sexual sterilization rates skyrocketed between August 2021 and January 2022 among US soldiers. That was the period when Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate went into effect for the military.

When the scientific community is finally forced to admit that rolling out the mRNA coronavirus shots without long-term testing was a mistake, people are going to be furious. They’ll be especially angry with the medical community, political leaders, and employers who forced them to take these shots against their will. But until that happens, “scientists” will keep blaming anything and everything other than the COVID shots for the sudden rise in life-threatening health conditions.