Armor to Soon be Seen at the Mexico Border

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There’s a saying in the Lone Star State that has long been said: Don’t Mess with Texas. It invokes a thinly veiled threat that if you have the guts to take on this state or its people, you had better prepared for swift and complete retribution.
And newly re-elected Texas Governor Greg Abbott just made good on that threat.

Against who?

Anyone who might dare to cross his southern border with Mexico illegally.

As you have likely heard, there’s a bit of a crisis going on down there. To be clear, it’s been going on for years. But thanks to lax and completely un-American immigration policies from Biden’s White House and Department of Homeland Security, things are worse than they’ve ever been.

And Texas is apparently tired of it and being ignored.

For years, Abbott and his office have pleaded for federal assistance, increased border security, for more resources. And so far, he’s been left out in the cold under Biden.

Naturally, one can only take so much of that before they take matters into their own hands.

Given Abbott’s most recent announcement, I’d say that’s exactly what he’s doing.

According to Texas Tribune and Military Times reports, Abbott has officially invoked the “invasion clause.” What this means is that an increasingly armed force will now patrol the southern Texas border.

The outlets note that the mission “is set to include armored personnel carriers designed to carry troops into battle alongside tanks, according to a planning document.” The report noted the soon-to-be use of 10 M113 armed personnel carriers, as well as “around 50 soldiers” placed at no fewer than ten strategically placed stations along the border to limit access to the state by those illegally crossing.

Additionally, the Texas National Guard will be tightening security and conducting more aircraft flights along the border.

If it sounds a little like war is being waged, you’re not too far off.

Thanks to Biden’s quite literal calls for illegals to “come” and make their way into the nation, where they can find freedom, free everything, and all sorts of things the average American never receives, millions upon millions of migrants have been caught trying to illegally make their way into our communities. It has overwhelmed our border facilities, stressed the resources of our local governments and communities to the point of breaking, and caused crime rates to skyrocket.

So yes, it’s time we take action. And if that means suiting up and putting more armor between those illegals and our communities, so be it.

According to Abbott, it’s time to take “unprecedented measures to defend our state against an invasion,” which is certainly what the masses crossing our border should be called.

In addition to armed personnel carriers and soldiers, Abbott is also enacting the use of gunboats, building a border wall in several counties, deploying the Texas National Guard to multiple sites, directing the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to arrest and deport illegals, and providing additional resources to border counties to increase security.

Of course, Abbott knows that the fight against such an invasion cannot be done with his state alone, even though it is one of the largest in the nation. And so his “invasion clause” also includes plans to make and enter into compacts with other states and even other countries to increase border security.

Ari Jimenez, a retired special agent in charge of the homeland security division for the San Antonio area, says that this last bit is really important, as well as “new” in terms of what is typically done for border control.

It means that Texas and other states will now seek agreements with nations for things like extradition, allowing those states to arrest and deport criminals to countries where crimes have been committed. It’s just one more way the state can ensure that their communities are being kept safe and that illegal individuals aren’t just roaming around.

Maybe these measures will also help keep drug cartels out of the state. In any case, Texas isn’t messing around anymore.