Cult Deprogrammer: It Takes Years to Undo Woke College Brainwashing

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When pharmaceutical heiress Annabelle Rockwell graduated from Mt. Holyoke College for women in 2015, her mother recognized that something was horribly wrong with her. She’d been brainwashed. All that Annabelle did was drink and lay in bed all day while whining about “The Patriarchy.” Ms. Rockwell’s expensive private college education had turned her into a woke social justice warrior and a communist.

There’s a happy ending to this story, though. By working with a cult deprogrammer for just six years, Annabelle Rockwell is now back to being a normal person.

Annabelle’s mother was very smart to recognize that her daughter had been brainwashed. Americans who are old enough remember some of the weird cults that we’ve seen in the past. There were the Moonies from South Korea starting in the 1950s, the Jonestown cultists in the 1970s, and the Rajneeshee bioterrorist cult in Oregon in the 1980s. The followers of all of these cults became brainwashed weirdoes. Once someone gets out of the clutches of a cult, it takes years of working with a “deprogrammer” to get them un-brainwashed. Well… not with the Jonestown ones.

(If you’re unfamiliar with those cults listed above, have fun going down that rabbit hole on Wikipedia for 20 minutes sometime. You’re welcome.)
Annabelle Rockwell’s brainwashing started during her junior year at Mt. Holyoke when she took a Gender Studies class. Her professor basically beat it into her head that the heiress was a victim of The Patriarchy and didn’t even know it.

“I saw everything through the lens of oppression and bias and victimhood,” says Annabelle. “I came to the school as someone who saw everyone equally. I left looking for injustice wherever I could and automatically assuming that all white men were sexist.”

That Gender Studies class caused a deep rift between Annabelle and her mother. They started having horrible fights about The Patriarchy and white supremacy and all the other fake garbage that communist professors are indoctrinating students with. She tells the Daily Mail that her mom threw a vase at her once because she was so angry with her BS. Annual tuition plus room and board at Mt. Holyoke is now $75,678 by the way. And the result is that the child you thought you knew will come home as a brainwashed cultist who thinks that the police should be defunded.

Annabelle says the indoctrination at Holyoke was so fierce that professors opened up their own homes to students, to keep them from going home to see their families during the holidays. In order for their woke college brainwashing to really take hold, they have to keep the budding cultists separate from their families.

“They’d say, like, don’t go see them, come stay with us for the holiday. Most of my classmates believed all this stuff, too.”

Any of her classmates who didn’t play along with the brainwashing were socially ostracized – which is exactly how every brainwashing cult in history has acted toward people who start to lose faith.

As a result of all that brainwashing, the pharmaceutical heiress who will one day inherit a $63 million company laid around in bed all day after she graduated. She was basically non-functional, other than complaining about how she was oppressed by The Patriarchy.

The good news is that Melina Rockwell, Annabelle’s mother, had the means to hire a cult deprogrammer to work with her and fix her broken brain. It only took six years of work, but now Annabelle is back to normal and mentally healthy again. So, the good news is that if your child comes home from college as a brainwashed, America-hating, woke cultist, they can be made whole again by working with a cult deprogrammer. Or, a better option might be to not send your kids away to be brainwashed by a bunch of commies in the first place.