Ford EV Owner Hears “Loud Pop” at Charging Station, Then This Happens

Jonathan Weiss /
Jonathan Weiss /

If you’re into cars, you’ll know that, aside from electric vehicles, there doesn’t seem to be much going on in the industry. Everywhere you go, car lots are empty, and where there are vehicles to be had, no one is buying.

Electric vehicles, or EVs, on the other hand, seem to be flying off the shelf, even with their ridiculously expensive prices. Of course, only the rich and famous are buying these up, as it’s really only them who can afford the so-called eco-friendly driving machines.

Then again, as more and more decide to buy into EVs, most are learning a whole new set of expenses and worries that come with them.

Take Eric Roe, for instance.

According to him, he’s really “into Electric Vehicles.” He owns two, a Ford F-150 Lightning with about 10,000 miles on it and a KIA Niro, which he has put 66,000 miles on.

But his Lightning just took a crap. Yes, the one he’s owned for the least amount of time and, therefore, used the least. And by crap, I mean it doesn’t start, it doesn’t move, it doesn’t do anything anymore.

Why? Well, because it got fried by a charger, apparently.

On Sunday, Roe took the truck to get charged. He did the usual thing, took it to a public Electrify America charging station, and plugged it in.
But he says after just a few moments, he “heard a loud boom,” and everything (both truck and charging station) went black. The truck threw some error codes, wouldn’t start, and wouldn’t even shift into neutral.

Roe was forced to call a tow, who had to drag the vehicle from the charging station.

Furthermore, once at the dealership to get fixed, technicians told him they needed a more specific battery to even begin to diagnose the truck. Hopefully, either Ford or Electrify America will take care of that bill – a new battery can cost over $35,000. And all for a truck with only 10,000 miles.