California Democrats Let Thousands of Child Molesters Out of Prison Early

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The state of California has been quietly releasing pedophiles from prison after they serve less than a year on their sentences. The Daily Mail has identified more than 7,000 child predators who were sentenced to multiple years in prison but were released early – some in as little as three months.

One illegal alien who was convicted of “continuous sexual abuse of a child” was sentenced to just two days in the LA County Jail and 5 years probation. One former prosecutor says that this trend is “frightening for society” – but that’s what life is now like with Soros-backed and -funded prosecutors like LA County’s George Gascon in charge of the system.

Part of the reason why pedophiles are now being released en masse is due to Proposition 57. The 2016 proposal was passed by a wide margin of California Democrats. The new law called for shorter prison sentences for “non-violent” offenders. That probably sounded good on paper to a lot of people, but no one paused to consider what sorts of crimes were going to be defined as “non-violent.”

Prop 57 was pushed on the public under the myth that people are languishing in prison for marijuana possession. This is and always has been an absurd lie. The only people who ever end up in prison for marijuana possession are drug dealers. Joe Biden pulled a big stunt earlier this year by claiming he was ordering the release of all marijuana offenders from federal prison. This resulted in exactly zero people being released from federal prison – because there wasn’t a single person in federal prison for marijuana possession!

Anyway, the mythical harsh prison sentences for weed possession were what people thought they were voting on when they passed Prop 57. Weed possession is non-violent, right? But what was actually happening was people like LA County District Attorney George Gascon were planning to redefine crimes like the anal rape of a small child as “non-violent.”

The vast majority of pedophiles who have been released in less than a year were convicted of “lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14.” A total of 7,152 pedophiles convicted of that crime were released from prison early as “non-violent” offenders.

Additional crimes for which “non-violent” child sex offenders were released early include the following: Aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14, kidnapping a child under 14 with intent to commit lewd or lascivious acts, assault with intent to rape a child under 18, and pimping minors.

The Daily Mail conducted its research into this problem by examining sex offenders listed on California’s website for Megan’s Law to determine what month and year they went to prison, to when they were released. The average amount of time that pedophiles are spending in prison since the passage of Prop 47 is just 2 years and 10 months. Even that amount of time is shockingly low, according to most sane prosecutors. Pedophiles never reform. They are four times as likely as all other types of criminals to re-offend within the first year after they’re released.

And before you shrug this off and think, “Oh, well, that’s just California,” consider this. The Daily Mail was only able to examine California’s database because it keeps better public records on sex offenders. They were unable to conduct a similar analysis in the other 49 states. And in the wake of the BLM riots in 2020, many states rapidly passed laws similar to California’s Prop 57 to try to appease the mobs. Even Donald Trump and congressional Republicans passed a prison reform law.

This problem is likely not confined to California; that state simply keeps better records than most other states.