Five Explanations of What Congressional Term Limits Could Do for America

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Americans have been fed up with the way Congress has operated for decades. With the same people running things for years, even decades, there must be a dramatic change in the future. Despite earning low six figures a year, many Congressmen exit their service worth tens of millions of dollars. Earning this kind of wealth tends to make one greedy, and they choose to stay in their corrupt and cushy jobs for far too long. Advocates for term limits have solid reasons for wanting to see them enacted.

Elections are not term limits
Congressional reps are elected by the people using their vote to voice their opinion on who will best represent them. However, once in Congress, it is nearly impossible to remove them from office. Incoming candidates simply lack the exposure, financial backing, and support to take the seat of a sitting Congressman.

American voters actually want term limits
A study by McLaughlin and Associates showed that an overwhelming number of Americans would like to see term limits enacted. With 82% saying “yes” to this idea, it’s something that needs to be looked at carefully…especially with 89% of Republicans, 83% of Independents, and 76% of Democrats all thinking this could help Congress run better for the American people.

Term limits would allow for more people with real-world experience to join politics
With so many Congressmen choosing to make politics a lifetime commitment, there is a lack of fresh blood and fresh ideas coming to DC. The wants, needs, and concerns of the American people change year after year, and someone who only visits their home state when it’s election season is not in touch with the people. By having fresh blood in office frequently, you can ensure the wants of the people are being considered properly.

Term limits reduce corruption
The number of issues being voted on by Congress that directly benefit special interest groups is mind-numbing. When these measures fail on their own accord, they are often attached at the last minute to something that simply cannot fail like extending the budget to ensure pay doesn’t stop for the troops or giving themselves a raise. By attaching these unrelated measures to a no-fail measure, they ensure the continued financial support and campaign financing stays coming in. With term limits, this would be greatly reduced as these groups would not be able to court them.

Term limits for Congress will help restore the backbone of American politics
As it currently stands, things like the massive debt ceiling, immigration, healthcare, and other major issues that matter to most Americans aren’t being handled. Instead, they are just kicking the can down the road and encouraging others to deal with it when the country is in a better place. Unfortunately, the country cannot get to a better place without addressing these issues. Now, it just becomes a waiting game, as they only make things worse and do very little to address the issues. Come campaign time though, they always tout around the one time they voted on a tough issue.

Those currently occupying a seat have no interest in limiting their time in politics. As much as many people like to argue, teachers are overpaid (how they think that is beyond comprehension), they need to look at politicians. The Democrats have been the largest offenders with 9 out of 10 of the longest-serving politicians being Democrats. With nearly 60 years being the top of the mark, it’s time we enact term limits.

This is a public service, not a star-spangled teat for them to feed off of for generations.