Tara Reade and a GOP Majority to Make Biden’s Life a Nightmare

Perry McLeod / shutterstock.com
Perry McLeod / shutterstock.com

As you well know, or at least hope, things for our federal government could change greatly in the coming months, thanks to a new party in the majority in the House of Representatives. So far, House Republicans have made quite the list of things they want to tackle right away, starting with investigations into several Biden administration moves and family business deals.

But according to Biden accuser Tara Reade, things could get even worse for the Bidens, particularly the man assuming the Oval Office.

As the Daily Caller reported, Reade is taking her claims of sexual harassment by the then-senator to Congress, asking for an investigation into the incident to be opened.

Now, as you know, her allegations against Joe Biden became public back in 2020 when the then-presidential candidate was running for the White House. Like any normal person with such allegations, Reade came forward, ensuring that everyone else knew what she did about Biden, that he was and is a sexual predator.

Of course, given that he’s been a media darling since announcing his candidacy against Trump, outlets far and wide did a great deal to ensure that both Reade and her story were discredited.

With a GOP majority leading such an investigation, the hope is that things might be different now.

As she told the Daily Caller, “It would be a very different thing if I could testify under oath.” In order to get the process moving, she’s said that she is willing to provide whatever Congress needs. They can ask any questions and for any information, and she will cooperate fully.

She’s also hoping such an investigation would bring forward her original 1993 complaint about the incident.

According to Reade, she filed a “sexual harassment report through the Senate” shortly after she claimed that Biden pinned her to a wall in a senate corridor and sexually violated her under her clothing. That file is still very likely to be found in Biden’s Senate records. However, it’s unlikely that Biden or anyone else in left-leaning government positions will give it up without a serious fight.

Biden’s alma mater, the University of Delaware, holds those records and claims that they are sealed and will be until at least two years after he leaves public office.

Now, one would presume that, based on the idea that a complaint was, in fact, filed, staff members, as well as her superiors in the Senate, would know about the incident and be able to comment on it.

But again, the odds seem stacked against Reade.

According to a 2020 New York Times report, Reade spoke to at least three individuals at Biden’s then-senate office: Marianne Baker, Biden’s executive assistant at the time, and two top aides, Ted Kaufman and Dennis Toner.

But when questioned by The Times, all three denied ever knowing about such a complaint or incident. And Baker made sure to paint Biden in the best light ever in a report to The Intercept that same year.

Reade claims they squashed the issue entirely and even threatened her should she move “forward” with the complaint and take it public. According to her, one staff member told her, “We’ll f***ing destroy you if you go forward.”

Despite her silence and complete dropping of the allegations, she was eventually dismissed anyway. Looking back, Reade wished she had gone forward. She says she was young and dumb, essentially not knowing what to do and just beginning her political career. The last thing she wanted to do was end it so soon.

But with a GOP majority in the House, she has a renewed sense of hope about getting justice for what was done to her. Perhaps their memories might improve with Baker, Kauffman, and Toner put on the stand and under oath.

Only time will tell if House Republicans will actually do anything for Reade, but it’s clear they could. And that alone is reason enough for Democrats to worry.