Trump Team Searches Through Storage Unit, Look At What They Found

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The FBI raided the home of former President Donald Trump after what they said was a “lengthy” dispute with the National Archives about getting back materials that were taken from the White House during Trump’s final days as president.

Apparently, the DOJ had concerns that some of the items that Trump had at his home in Florida contained classified information. Out of nowhere, a massive number of federal agents descended on Mar-a-Lago with the authority of the Presidential Records Act supporting them.

They took away a huge number of boxes of documents and the liberal media took the opportunity to suspect that there were nuclear secrets in those boxes.

Immediately, Trump was proclaimed guilty of mishandling classified material as well as obstruction of justice.

Trump’s team of lawyers had been working with the National Archives, and emails between them went on months before the raid. Trump did return many items in question which points to their willingness to cooperate.

Add to this, Trump had the authority as president to declassify anything at will, so how in the world could he be found guilty of mishandling classified materials?

Coincidentally, Hillary Clinton did not have that authority and she was never charged for the obvious crime she committed.

Trump recently hired a crew to go through his storage unit in West Palm Beach, Florida. They turned over more documents to the FBI. Trump’s team found at least two items marked classified in the storage unit, according to people familiar with the story. This search was one of at least three searches conducted by an outside team of his properties looking for classified materials in recent weeks.

Trump was pressed by a federal judge to attest that they had fully complied with a grand jury subpoena they received in May saying they should turn over all materials bearing classified markings.

The General Services Administration released emails to assist former presidents in the midst of a transition to private life. The government agency helped Trump secure the storage unit at a private facility in West Palm Beach on July 21, 2021. They needed a place to store items that had been held at an office in Northern Virginia which was used by Trump’s staff in the months after he left office.

The emails indicate that the GSA and Trump staff shipped several pallets of boxes weighing more than 3,000 pounds from Virginia to Florida in September of 2021.

There was no cataloging of what was put into storage just as there was not any cataloging of what was taken to Mar-a-Lago.

It is amazing how much detail has been given to stories and how the press paints them as criminal behavior. The media posted pictures after the raid like it had been a drug bust, but the truth is that it was a bunch of papers, empty folders, and an old Time magazine.

Some items the National Archives demanded to be returned were dinner menus and cocktail napkins. Even MSNBC, which played this story again and again couldn’t get any traction because there’s nothing there to incriminate Trump.

This kind of scrutiny is continuing this week. Trump’s latest “scandal” is that some of his team at his organization were found guilty of tax fraud because they did not declare the perks that they received from the company on their taxes.

This is not “wolf of Wall Street” kind of stuff, just more of the same. People are still insanely mad that Trump won the 2016 election and are doing everything they can to see his demise.

Trump has faced these critics before and surprised everybody.