Philly Store Owner Hires Guards with AR-15s to Protect Against Crime

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As you likely know all too well, crime seems to be on the rise nationwide – or at least in larger cities that are democratically led.
Take Philadelphia, for example. The city of supposed “Brotherly Love” has, in recent days, become a den of thieves, drug dealers, and gang violence. It’s gotten so bad, in fact, that some have realized the need to take matters into their own hands for the sake of their lives, their jobs, and their property.

Enter Neil Patel, owner of a local Philly Karco gas station.

Recently, Patel’s car was vandalized. Then his ATM was stolen. And his business property had been damaged a number of times. According to Axios, his gas station is located on Broad and Clearfield in North Philly, an area that’s seen a massive uptick in crime over the last year.
And he’s sick of it.

Tired of being just another statistic in a growing number of them, Patel decided to hire some help. And by help, I mean Pennsylvania SITE state agents armed with tactical shotguns, AR-15s, and wearing Kevlar body armor.

Unfortunately, Patel has had to learn the hard way that one of the best defenses against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with one, or in this case, a lot of armed good guys.

Jason Martinez of WTXF posted a video of one of Patel’s armed guards and posted it to Twitter, asking, “A North Philly owner says he’s had enough violent crime at his gas station, so he’s hired these guys to protect his customers and store. Does this make you feel safer? Or uncomfortable.”

Now, I’m sure there are a few diehard lib-tards out there who would answer in the latter, claiming an aversion to guns and all that. But I doubt very many of them live in Philly or at least this crime-ridden part of the city. I doubt even fewer have ever been in a situation where a gun might be appreciated.

Anyone who knows that having a gun on hand, no matter how small, can come in real handy when your life, liberty, or property is at risk.
And that makes most of us understand that the answer to Martinez’s question will always be “safer.”

Christopher Tremoglie of the Washington Examiner explained this further in a response on Twitter.

“Why would it make someone uncomfortable? Those guys are there to protect people. Why didn’t you ask if customers feel uncomfortable out of fear of being mugged, shot, or carjacked?

There’s also the fact that police, unfortunately, can’t always get there in time. As a rule, police are reactive. Their job is to literally react to events and situations where peace and lives may be at risk. And that means they aren’t always close by when something goes wrong.

In Philadelphia, for example, it is estimated by that it takes, on average, about nine minutes for local Philly police to arrive on the scene. Unfortunately, a lot can happen in nine minutes. While you might have called the police as soon as something bad happened or even appeared to be happening, a robber might still be able to cause an incredible amount of damage and hurt in those few minutes. A car, money, personal belongings, etc., could all be taken, and numerous persons shot and killed in less than five minutes in some cases.

Having an already gunman there, those who are being paid to keep the peace and serve as protection for personal and business property and lives, is, therefore, a huge benefit. Hell, in most cases, their mere presence is likely enough to dissuade criminals from acting. Much like an ADT sign in a yard, those with ill intent know that the chances of them away with their crimes free and clear are now much more limited.

Of course, this is just one more example of why our Second Amendment rights are so important. Imagine if guns were suddenly no longer allowed. What would Patel’s options for protecting his business and patrons be then? Sadly, there’s little, if anything, he could do.

And forgive me if that’s not good enough when lives are at stake.