Is the Georgia Senate Loss Trump’s Fault?

Mary A Lupo /
Mary A Lupo /

Remember the red wave that was supposed to crash over the entire nation? We already know that it was more of a splash than anything. And we certainly didn’t gain the majority in the Senate.

There was one race that we expected to win. The Georgia senate race was between Herschel Walker (R) and Raphael Warnock (D).

In a state where the voters have repeatedly voted for a Republican governor, it seems that Walker should have been an easy win.

And yet, Walker didn’t get the job done. Instead, voters chose to support Warnock for a second term – a liberal “yes, man” for Biden.

Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, is pointing fingers at Trump. According to Christie, it’s all because of Trump that Walker didn’t win and why the Senate didn’t gain another conservative.

Why, though?

“Herschel Walker is his creation. And so he’s got to own the fact that Herschel Walker so vastly underperformed.”

Christie maintains that Walker was a bad candidate. He should have never been running for senator in the first place. The only reason he did so was because Trump encouraged him every step of the way.

And so the former governor explains simply: “Bad candidates lose. Good candidates have a chance to win.”

There may be something to what Christie is saying. There are a few candidates around the country who weren’t able to get elected. And they just happened to have Trump supporting them.

If you look at what happened when Trump went out to speak on a candidate’s behalf, it was more of a rally for him than for the conservative candidate who needed the votes.

If the people of Georgia aren’t buying Walker as a candidate simply because Trump said to vote for him, it may mean that Trump is losing his touch.
Trump may not win in 2024. And it’s all the more reason why we need to see some really good candidates offer themselves up in the primaries. We need a hero.