Agent’s Testimony Implicates Top FBI Brass in Social Media Censorship

Koshiro K /
Koshiro K /

The Attorneys General for Missouri and Louisiana are suing over social media censorship by the government. This is happening in conjunction with Elon Musk releasing the “Twitter Files” in batches that outline Democrat officials censoring their political enemies under Twitter’s previous ownership. In a deposition last week, an FBI agent testified under oath that the senior management at the FBI was involved in censoring the political speech of conservatives.

The FBI agent is named Elvis Chan. He was an assistant special agent with the FBI’s Cyber Branch in San Francisco. Chan described the nationwide operation that involved FBI field offices, federal prosecutors, FBI lawyers, Justice Department lawyers, and elected Democrats who were directing the censorship of conservative social users for “disinformation.”

According to Chan, the FBI’s censorship requests often had a “headquarter stamp of approval,” and were honored about half of the time by social media companies. It’s important to note that Chan is not just talking about censorship on Twitter – but on ALL the main social media platforms including Facebook and Google/YouTube.

In case the point is missed by anyone, it is flat-out illegal for any government employee or agency to censor Americans, or to direct a third-party company like Twitter to censor us. It is a black-letter violation of the First Amendment. Yet the FBI, according to SA Chan, ran a nationwide operation in 2020 on behalf of one political party in order to put its thumb on the scale in a presidential election.

It’s always projection with liberals. They’re always guilty of the exact thing they accuse someone else of doing. The FBI spent years telling everyone that “election interference” from Russia impacted the 2016 election. Then, they turn around and interfere in the 2020 election on a scale that Russia would be jealous of.