Dem Ballot Harvesting Manual Says Go After Dead People, “Bad” Addresses

Anna Hoychuk /
Anna Hoychuk /

The Democrat Party in Virginia and the Democrat National Committee have been caught red-handed instructing activists to harvest ballots from dead people and “bad” addresses. This is yet another example of the illegal processes that were used to rig the 2020 election, and which likely played a role in rigging the 2022 midterms on behalf of Democrats. The activist groups are explicitly instructed to harvest mail-in ballots that are sent to dead people and people who have moved.

The DNC uses an online platform called VoteBuilder to manage its “ballot chasing” initiative, otherwise known as ballot harvesting. It works like any CRM software that companies and even small businesses use for marketing. VoteBuilder has the DNC’s list of likely voters, people who frequently vote, people who haven’t voted in years, dead people who haven’t been scrubbed from the voter rolls, people with bad addresses, and so on. The DNC puts an army of activists to work harvesting mail-in ballots from VoteBuilder. They basically harass people into voting who might not have otherwise voted.

For example, a voter who is registered Democrat but who rarely votes might get several phone calls from an activist who is following up with them, based on the VoteBuilder database. If their ballot still doesn’t get mailed in, they may go knock on the voter’s door. This is the part where massive illegalities in ballot harvesting come into play. Ilhan Omar’s campaign activists were caught paying Somalis cash for their unmarked ballots in 2020, if they’d just fill in the signature block.

If people in poor, urban neighborhoods who are likely to vote Democrat, but didn’t plan on sending in their ballot, are offered cash for an unfilled ballot, why wouldn’t they take it? Democrats know this, and they exploit it to maximum effect in states where mail-in voting and ballot harvesting are somehow legal.

The online instructions on how to use VoteBuilder are what have people raising their eyebrows now. The Virginia Democrats’ VoteBuilder instructions explain how to expand the voter outreach database to include dead people, people who have moved, people with “bad” addresses that don’t match their DMV files, and so on.

Picture this:
A ballot comes to your home for a deceased parent. You set it with the pile of junk mail that you plan to send to the recycle bin soon. The next day, a volunteer from your local Democrat Party shows up and asked if you received a ballot “in err” for your deceased parent. You tell them that you did. The activist then asks to take that ballot off your hands.

You wouldn’t want to get in trouble for having it, right? When you hand the ballot over to the activist, thinking they’re going to conveniently turn it in to election officials so the mistake can be corrected, that’s one more ballot that is now going to be used to cast a fraudulent vote.

It takes a lot of hard work, but the Democrats are doing it. They have armies of willing volunteers who are trained to knock on doors and collect ballots that were sent to the “wrong” address or that were sent to a deceased relative.

Ballots that are mailed to voters whose mailing addresses are incorrect are invalid. The same goes for ballots sent to dead people. Knowing this, what possible reasons could the Democrat Party have for instructing its activists to explicitly chase down ballots sent to “bad” addresses and dead people? Does it sound like they have an altruistic motive?

Let’s not kid ourselves or over-complicate this. It’s exactly what it looks like. Democrats are exploiting mail-in voting to full effect in order to steal elections.