Biden’s Latest Spending Bill Will Strip Medicaid From Millions

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If you signed up for Medicaid during the COVID-19 pandemic, get ready for it to go away.

The language in the latest congressional spending bill is going to be crippling for people and agencies across the country, and now Medicaid is under attack as well. Should the bill pass as written, millions will see their benefits gone as of April 1st under the new $1.7 trillion bill. As many are begging Biden to declare the pandemic over, and 25 Governors signing a letter asking the designation be removed, losing benefits is not a surprise.

With nearly 80 million people currently enrolled in Medicaid, it’s no surprise that the feds want to take away the benefit from the low-income Americans who need it most. With many being senior citizens on a fixed income, as well as the kids of people who aren’t able to provide health insurance, you can bet your bottom dollar those will be the first people Biden’s cronies will remove coverage for.

Other government-sponsored programs like the Affordable Care Act for adults and families and the Children’s Health Insurance Program will still be around, they don’t cover nearly as much as Medicaid does in many states. Then there is the process of giving those impacted notifications of being removed from these programs. With many not having a stable home, or mailing address, notifying them of this change will be difficult at best. Should the bill pass as written, states will be allowed to remove them from the rolls in April, but there is no guarantee on how they would be notified.

The only people getting any real reprieve are the kids. There is a small provision in there that will require kids in low-income households to remain on Medicare for at least a full calendar year beyond when they enrolled. However, there is little clarification as to how many have been enrolled for over a year as of this moment. This means there are potentially millions who will find little to no use in this small provision.

One other small perk is the extension of telehealth coverage. Given the number of people who have taken advantage of this service for both COVID and regular illnesses, it is prudent to keep the program going. It prevents people from visiting the ER for a routine visit to the Doctor and can help keep the frontline workers doing their designated jobs.

Overall, this keeps many of the restrictions of Medicaid looser through the end of 2024 according to some experts, but with the ability to close the door quickly in April, these experts may be giving the liberals a little too much credit to do things right. People like Andrew Hu of the Bipartisan Policy Center, a Washington think tank, who has studied this aggressively, thinks this is a bit of a trap. He sees it as giving Congress more time to allow people to prove how bad telehealth fraud could be.

“We can get some more time to assess where the benefits are with telehealth,” said Hu.

This spending bill is horrific. It opens the door to removing people blindly from Medicaid across the nation. Considering the policies and preferences of many of the liberal governors in this great nation, this will lead to heavy favoritism and many problems down the line. This is another bit of proof as to why voting liberally is killing this once great nation.