Flu Vaccine Stockpile Being Drained for the Early Surge

ulegundo / shutterstock.com
ulegundo / shutterstock.com

As the rush for vaccinations for COVID slows down due to people learning the truth behind those vaccines, now the traditional flu vaccines are flying off the shelves following a historically early rush. With many patients getting the flu due to already compromised immune systems, compliments of a lack of immune exposure, the rush should have been expected.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 150,000 people have been hospitalized, and 9,300 deaths have been reported. A new influx of people having hospitalizations and complications from the flu are making these vaccines more required than usual, and the strain has left the American stockpile depleted before things get in full swing. With a healthy Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), officials don’t seem to be concerned yet.

Per a statement from CDC overseer Dawn O’Connell, an assistant secretary for preparedness and response at the Health and Human Services Department, she sees no problems on the way. “Jurisdictions will be able to get the support they need to keep Americans healthy as flu cases rise this winter.” With states being authorized to request doses of Tamiflu from the SNS, it is designed to help them get people taken care of, but it’s difficult to manage.

Having a difficult time increasing vaccine production due to many labs having shifted dedication to COVID work, the season is already flourishing as people are needing medication not used since the H1N1 Swine Flu rush decades ago. Over-the-counter medications have also been flying out the door as many people are stuck fighting it on their own.

Another complicator is the almost forced vaccination for COVID. Many are now leerier than ever of a vaccination that is being pushed by the government.

People have seen the liberal agenda that Biden and his troop of clowns have been pushing, and worry that this year’s flu vaccine could be just as dangerous/untested as the COVID vaccines were. In turn, this feeds the fire for more flu treatments instead of preventatives.