Stanford Releases List of Words We’re Supposed to Ban Now – Including “American”

Gil C /
Gil C /

Stanford University opened itself up to scorn from millions of Americans this week when its new language policing guide was leaked to the public.

The guide contains a list of ten different categories of words that are now banned from being used in the university’s IT department and website. The guide was so extensive – and ridiculous – that Stanford has now hidden behind a departmental login page. But not before plenty of people got a look at and spread the word about the new levels of “woke” language censorship that is being promoted.

This is the culmination of a project that Stanford kicked off back in May, called the “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative” (EHLI). It was organized by the CIO Council, which is basically Stanford’s IT department, and a group called People of Color in Technology (POC-IT). The ten categories in the language guide include racism (obviously), ableism, and homophobia.

One of the first things that jumped out at people was that the guide calls for eliminating the term “American.” Everyone at Stanford is instead supposed to be called a “US Citizen.” As offensive as that sounds at first glance, there’s some irony there. This is more honest than any of the mass immigration cultists are willing to be. There is, in fact, a difference between an “American” – the heritage people who built this country – and a “US Citizen,” a term that encompasses the roughly 70 million foreigners who have invaded the country since the passage of Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act. The commies at Stanford have obviously read the preamble to the Constitution closely.

Stanford wants the term “immigrant” replaced with either “non-citizen” or “person who has immigrated.” That one’s like a two-fer. “Person who has immigrated” spares someone the indignity of being called an immigrant, while also not assuming their gender! Good job, Stanford!

Another term being banned is “walk-in hours.” That’s an ableist phrase, apparently. People in wheelchairs and people without legs are never going to be “walking in” during “walk-in hours,” so the phrase is being banned. It will be replaced with “open hours.” Did anyone at Stanford ever check with a disabled person to see if they’re actually offended by the term “walk-in hours,” or by the Walk/Don’t Walk signs at the crosswalk? We’re guessing they didn’t.

Yet another phrase that made the banned list in this supposed institute of higher learning is “beating a dead horse.” The people who made this list up out of thin air believe it normalizes violence against animals. Never mind the fact that the horse is, well, dead. Or that it’s a metaphor. This is about dumbing down and brainwashing as many undergrads as possible.

Some people are complaining that this is political correctness run amok. But we’re way past that point. Political correctness was bypassed around the time of Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection. We’re in the age of full-blown woke fascism now.

And the thing about it is that you really can control what people think if you control the language. Use the term “hate hoax” around a person who’s a daily reader of the New York Times and they’re likely to give you a blank stare. The average conservative immediately thinks of Bubba Wallace or Jussie Smollett or some similar character who perpetrated a hate crime against themselves.

Liberals still haven’t picked up on the fact that basically, all hate crimes committed against non-whites in America are completely fake. They’re not familiar with the term “hate hoax,” so the very concept of it never occurs to them. It’s why they keep falling for hate hoaxes every time. Is everyone starting to see how this works?