Defense Department Unwilling to Implement New Law on COVID

Viacheslav Lopatin /
Viacheslav Lopatin /

One of the terrible consequences of President Joe Biden’s 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, which was signed into law by the president on December 23, has to do with the Defense Department and our Armed Forces.

This new law overturned a policy in the Defense Department that administratively punished and discharged members of the Armed Forces who declined to participate in the involuntary clinical trial of the COVID vaccine.

Despite the new law, the Army does not seem willing to even touch the fact that Reservists and Guardsmen called up under state authority were kept from being paid until they were vaccinated.

This is being celebrated by the Biden Administration even though our Armed Forces are facing crippling manpower shortages. And now those in the National Guard and those who are Reservists will not be paid unless they are willing to get the vaccine. Can we even afford the attrition that this could cause? This can only go from bad to worse.

There is a memo that was written in November which was aimed at governors who are refusing to allow enforcement of the federal vaccine mandate. The army had previously backed off the active duty mandate but they are refusing to concede in the fight on the Reserve and Guard mandate.

This is just the latest problem our Defense Department is forcing on our military. They have adopted progressive measures tied to the Critical Race Theory as well as hyper Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity programs. This is causing our Armed Forces to embrace and even promote transgenderism.

So the Army thinks they can just refuse to obey Congressional intent spelled out in the National Defense Authorization Act.

The real issue is the Defense Department has become unaccountable, and the new GOP majority needs to take action and implement a plan to stop this from getting even worse.