Swiss Government Bans Gender Ideology, Only Recognizes Men and Women

Dmitry Demidovich /
Dmitry Demidovich /

It’s nice to know that there are some places in the world where woke “gender ideology” is being rejected. Boys can still be boys and girls can still be girls in places like Africa, Asia, and Florida without a bunch of weirdness and confusion being thrown into the mix. We can now add Switzerland to the list of places that have formally rejected the idea of there being anything other than the two genders we’ve always had. The government has formally rejected the idea that gender is anything other than binary, and all people in Switzerland must now be referred to as either “male” or “female.” That’s it.

Liberals everywhere have started pretending that woke gender ideology is totally normal, and the crazy people are those who oppose the idea that there are 57 genders. Or that you can make up a completely new gender and everyone has to respect it. Most elected Republicans have just rolled over on this insanity, as they have with every other loss America has suffered in the culture wars.

Back in April, Joe Biden added a third “gender” option on US passports, so now weirdos can put an “X” and it’s supposed to be honored. Republicans in Congress all shrugged as if this was normal. When anyone suggested that maybe that wasn’t such a great idea for our society, they pulled the usual, “This isn’t the hill to die on!” cowardice that they always do.

By putting a third gender on US passports, America is basically saying, “This is a value that we’re exporting to the rest of the world.” Other countries are then supposed to do what? They’re supposed to observe the “X” on US passports as a real thing. The Democrats know this, which is why they had the Biden regime do it in the first place.

But the Swiss aren’t playing. The Swiss Federal Council says people will still be listed as male or female on their birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and all other official documents, and that’s that. It would require amending the Swiss Constitution to add a 3rd or 57th or however many genders to documentation, and they’re not going to do it.

Amending the Swiss Constitution is a difficult process that requires a majority vote of the people and then a majority of the nation’s cantons to approve it. The Swiss government knows that a majority of voters don’t approve of this insanity, and it will never pass. This is why Joe Biden and the Democrats make these incremental changes to society like the third gender option on passports. If it were put to a vote of the people, there’s no way that such lunacy would ever be approved.

Why Republicans in our Congress fail to see this is a mystery for the ages. If they’d push back against the Democrats’ gender ideology, their own base might start supporting them and showing up for midterm elections instead of not caring enough. Why should we turn out and vote for them if they don’t fight for the things that normal, everyday people and especially parents care about? Hey, Republicans in Congress: Switzerland is tougher and more in favor of common sense than you are!

Other countries neighboring Switzerland like Germany, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands all fell for the Democrats’ gender ideology. They added the third gender to their passports, just as the Democrats knew they would when they had Biden do it.

Good for Switzerland for adhering to reason and science. Gender is not a spectrum, and everyone knows it. Anyone who disagrees with that at this point is either a liar or a lunatic. It’s nice to know there are still some places out there where reason, traditional values, and reality are still in vogue.