Biden Wants To Change How You Cook

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President Biden seems to love making problems where none exist. Now, his edition of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has picked up his cues and is doing this for itself. They aren’t just doing this, but they are doing so with absurd claims.

Under attack now are gas-burning stoves. According to their data, 35% of American stoves have them and are also found in the homes of 12.7% of asthma cases. This percentage is mirrored by kids who get asthma and are in homes with secondhand smoke. They did not report on any potential crossover of that data.

That’s not the only reason the CPSC wants to attack the gas stove, either. They have had their staff continuously gather data from people on their stove choices. Through this data, they learned the Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization are considering the nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and soot that the stoves produce to be linked with respiratory illness as though a study by the American Cancer Society.

In December 2022, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), and 20 other Democratic lawmakers started pressuring the CPSC on the issue of limiting the emissions of gas stoves. Their reasoning is the most absurd thing ever. They claimed that pollution disproportionately affects minority and low-income households.

This is one of the most outlandish things they could claim. The fact of the matter is that gas stoves are commonly seen in middle and upper-income homes. Most people in low-income households are renting, and landlords don’t provide gas stoves as a rule, unless they are paying the electric bill. It’s the same with heaters in the north.

Deciding to toss out the race card as well is just ignorant. Many who have them by choice are doing so for cooking techniques and family traditions. The claim that a stove can be racist because it burns gas is just laughable. It’s nonsensical and it makes them look ten times more ignorant than other claims they could have made.

Deciding to bring up either of these situations isn’t what they need to be concentrating on. Instead, they should be focused on adequately looking out for the American people and ensuring we don’t have bad tires coming out, or bunk appliances that catch fire.

For what it’s worth, a CPSC spokesman told the Daily Caller News Foundation that they aren’t as focused on this as Senators want them to be. “The Commission has not proposed regulatory action at this time. Commission staff also is working with voluntary standards organizations to examine gas stove emissions and address potential hazards.”

This statement of caution and being patient before jumping to conclusions is starkly different from the agenda Biden, Sen. Booker, and other leftist leaders want to push the issue. This is a crucial issue for the American people to get right, but not this way. The CPSC ensured they send an accurate message through thorough research over assumptions should help to make this less of a dividing issue and one for all people.

As a nation, we don’t need to ban these stoves or the importation of new ones. That’s just an ignorant idea. If a problem truly exists with the pollutants of these stoves, then work with manufacturers to help make them safer for Americans. They also should do more designations, or at least research into the problems with the heating oil stoves. It is certainly not as clean as natural gas, and as such should be liable to the same investigations.

Then again, that could also be the theme of the Democrat’s mindset. Forcing everyone with a natural gas stove to go to heating oil. Thus, keeping the cost of diesel fuel (the same thing as heating oil just with tax) up high and climbing. It would also likely do the same for propane (and propane accessories). We all know how the Democrats love dealing the poverty and race cards to make money off fear and white guilt.