Most Americans on Eggshells About the Direction of the Country

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Ever since President Biden moved in at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in DC, the American people have not felt confident. His opening plans to slash oil production, cut tax breaks for businesses, and try to change immigration were the liberal policies that he teased during his campaign but only turned up to 11.

Now that he’s been in office for just over 2 years, we are feeling the squeeze of those policies.

Inflation is sky high, with the recent run on it coming compliments of the drop in oil production prevented businesses to keep pace with online shopping and overseas manufacturers. The increase in fuel prices has been passed down by every level of business here in the US. From the local ice cream truck to Amazon, everyone has felt the pinch of his policies and the inflation as a result.

Tax breaks for businesses went away under his early policies. Coupled with the previously mentioned cuts in oil production, the only answer was to raise prices. These raises in pricing have yet to retreat with fuel costs because the cost of things like getting goods in or shipping has refused to relent on their prices. Naturally, the bottom line of profits needs to be maintained, so nobody is getting that relief that we were told was incoming.

Immigration has been another massive disappointment for the US. Biden has only recently looked at the southern border, and it was a shined-up version when he did. The communities along the border have been overrun with illegals, and detention centers are beyond capacity. Rather than return them to their home countries, Biden has instead elected to set them free with appearance tickets and GPS trackers. This liberal policy has let hundreds of thousands of illegals run the country freely and without their knowledge of what happened to them.

When you paint the current picture of the US, it doesn’t look pretty. The leftist color patent comprises little more than communist red with some hammer and sickle gold tossed in for good measure. This combination just isn’t making Americans proud of the country we have. If anything, it is just helping to further the divide.

So when CBS News/YouGov conducted a poll recently about the direction of the country, the results were not incredibly shocking. 49% of Americans considered themselves to be “scared”, 22% said that “angry” described their outlook, with only 11% had an “excited” outlook for the US in 2023. Of Biden specifically, only 7% considered things to be running well, with 30% choosing very badly.

Conducted Jan 4-6 with a 2.9 point margin of error and 2,144 people sampled, it gives a great introspective as to where the country is headed.

56% of those people also see the economy as getting worse. An astonishing yet unimpressive 21% think it’s getting better. Per reports from Bloomberg, the average household spent an extra $5,200 or $433 a month in 2022. The latest projections from Moody have that going up to $5,520 for 2023. For many, that projection seems to be incredibly low as things like milk and eggs have spiked since late December 2022, and don’t seem to be letting off any time soon.

President Biden has been polling worse almost every month since he took office. The American people just don’t like what he has done to this country. He has not served the people, but rather the special interests of the liberals. He doesn’t want to get the American people out of being broke, he wants them to join the communist regime he and people like AOC have been trying to form.

As the American people are slowly becoming aware of the deception that is going on, many are sick of it. They don’t want this for their future. Instead, they want to see the greatness that American democracy can give the people. We can we make this happen, we just need to tell more people “welcome to the Republican Party” a lot more.