DeSantis Boots Communist China from Florida – Watch

Leonard Zhukovsky /
Leonard Zhukovsky /

Gov. Ron DeSantis is continuing to delight his conservative base. He recently shut the door on Chinese Communist Party operatives buying up property in the sunshine state.

The conservative governor said that people who have ties to the CCP have in the past been “gobbling up land” in the U.S. as well as other parts of the Western Hemisphere. This has raised concern that President Xi and his regime are establishing connections in foreign lands to undermine the West.

“When they have interests that are opposed to ours and you see how they’ve wielded their authority, especially with President Xi, who’s taken a much more Marxist turn since he’s been ruling China, [it] is not in the best interests of Florida to have the Chinese Communist Party owning farmland, owning land close to military bases,” DeSantis said.

The nation of China owns more than 1.2 million acres of U.S. land, according to the American Enterprise Institute. These land holdings include almost 700,000 acres of farmland as well as 500,000 acres of commercial and industrial property. This land covers areas in California, Iowa, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

A Chinese firm that is owned by a billionaire with ties to the Communist government is building a massive wind farm not far from Laughlin Air Force base in southwest Texas.

DeSantis talked about this dilemma while visiting Bonita Springs, Florida. He made it clear that he is opposed not only to China controlling farmland and acreage close to military bases, but he is also opposed to the CCP purchasing homes and subdivisions.

DeSantis served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee when he served in Congress from 2013-2018. He has taken other steps to weaken the CCP’s connections within his state. The governor banned Confucius Institutes from universities and state colleges. He said the government has used them to bring propaganda into our universities.

DeSantis believes the World Economic Forum and the CCP are working hand-in-glove to undermine the West. He’s not going to permit their plans to work in Florida.