The Outlandish Things Ray Epps Said in His January 6 Committee Deposition

lev radin /
lev radin /

It’s been more than two years since the mostly peaceful January 6 Election Justice Protest that took place on the day when Congress certified Joe Biden’s fraudulent “victory” in the 2020 election.

We still don’t have any answers to a lot of major questions about that day – and that is an answer in itself in some ways. We’re being lied to and the whole thing is being whitewashed, even as Attorney General Merrick Garland announced plans to arrest another 1,000 protesters this year. We still have no idea who Ray Epps is, for example.

Epps was the man seen on camera on January 5th, 2021, urging a crowd of Trump supporters to “go into the Capitol.” The next day, he was at the first barricade that was breached at the Capitol. He clearly whispers in the ear of a young man wearing a MAGA cap who then attacked a police officer.

The transcript of Epps’s testimony in front of the January 6 Committee has been released, and those who have read the whole thing agree that it’s pretty weird. Ray Epps has been handled with kid gloves by everyone in the federal government, even as the FBI sends tanks, black helicopters and SWAT teams to arrest single moms who allegedly committed misdemeanor trespassing at the protest. Why is Ray Epps getting such special treatment?

One thing that stands out from the transcript is that former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-OH) is deeply affectionate with Epps. There are multiple times when Epps appears to incriminate himself during the interview. But Kinzinger quickly steps in every time to rescue Epps, by “leading the witness” and wildly misinterpreting what Epps is saying.

For example, the video of Epps yelling to the crowd that they should go into the Capitol was played for Epps. Why did he urge people to go into the Capitol and why did people start yelling, “FED! FED! FED!” directly in his face?

Ray Epps says he just got caught up in the moment when he incited people to go into the Capitol. But here’s how Adam Kinzinger jumped in rescued Epps after he clearly implicated himself:

“It seemed to me that [the crowd around you] — their focus at that moment was basically trying to incite violence that night. You were trying to stop violence that night. Is that an accurate assessment on my end?”

Epps says Kinzinger is correct, and Kinzinger thanks him and moves on.

Kinzinger leads the witness to declare that he was trying to de-escalate violence that was not happening, by inciting others to break the law? How could a rational, sane person come to the conclusion that Adam Kinzinger came to there?

No one was calling for violence or criminality in that crowd except for Ray Epps.

That’s not the only time that happens. Epps, as we now know, texted his nephew during the protest to say “I orchestrated it,” meaning he orchestrated the people tearing down barricades and breaking into the Capitol. Adam Kinzinger actually asked him what word he should have used instead of “orchestrate.”

In other words, since Epps had implicated himself and admitted guilt in inciting the invasion of the Capitol, Kinzinger gave him a chance to clear his name by choosing a different word.

Epps says he should have texted his nephew to tell him that he led people to the Capitol. Even that statement implicates Ray Epps. Leading people to the Capitol is another admission of guilt!

And here’s how Adam Kinzinger responded to Ray Epps when he admitted that he was guilty of inciting violence:

“Fair enough.”

What?! That’s not “fair enough!” Ray Epps is walking around breathing free air, while other January 6 protesters have been rotting in solitary confinement in prison for two years while awaiting trial for misdemeanor trespassing and “parading” through the Capitol.

Ray Epps is clearly a “fed” as the crowd insisted on January 5th, and the fact that he incited people to invade the Capitol is proof that the federal government was far more involved in the protests than anyone is admitting.