Liberals Have a Disease and Gov DeSantis Says the Only Prescription Is More Freedom

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Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has a plan to get rid of the COVID restrictions in Florida once and for all. During a press conference on January 17th. Titled “Permanent Protections Against the COVID-19 Biomedical Security State” the Governor pitched his idea to the people of FL, with his wife Casey DeSantis pushing the subject via Twitter.

According to the infographic he presented, the proposal would outlaw COVID mask mandates in schools and businesses across the state. Schools would no longer be allowed to have a vax requirement and bar employers from making decisions about employees based on their vaccine status. It would also protect medical professionals, their personal religious liberty, and freedom of speech. This combination would empower them to “disagree with the preferred narrative of the medical community.”

DeSantis explained “Florida said NO … but some of these people just won’t quit. We need to lead with this by making all of these protections permanent in Florida statute, which we are going to do in the upcoming legislative session.” With DeSantis passing previous legislation back in 2021 that banned masking in schools and blocked private employers from enacting vaccine mandates, he now wants to make it permanent. As it stands the previous ban will expire in July, and he wants to make it solid now.

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo issued a statement about this change. “As a health sciences researcher and physician, I have personally witnessed accomplished scientists receive threats due to their unorthodox position. However, many of these positions have proven to be correct, as we’ve all seen over the past few years. All medical professionals should be encouraged to engage in scientific discourse without fearing for their livelihoods or their careers.”

Dr. Ladapo is spot on with his assessment here. Many doctors have received nothing but grief over their decision to go against the grain with the popular narrative. An agenda set by the liberal left to demean, discredit and destroy the lives of anyone who spoke up against their hysteria-inducing COVID agenda. Enough is enough.

For over two years now, people like Dr. Fauci have professed that we trust the science. We did just that. We waited until the science was run, checked, tested, and ran again before we decided how we wanted to proceed. During that time people like him kept professing that the science was right now, and we needed to act to stay safe. Still, many patriots waited for long-term testing.

Now, we are seeing young people dropping like flies from cardiovascular issues who have had the vaccine. Autopsies are revealing long, stringy, and impossible-to-pass blood clots. People who live incredibly healthy lives are dropping like flies, and the only thing they have in common was taking the vax. This isn’t just correlation at this point, but it has now become causation.

People like FL Gov. DeSantis and others have been able to see the reality of the situation since the beginning. With Dr. Fauci now coming under fire (and rightfully so) for his connections to the Wuhan lab that was responsible for the release of COVID, we might get more answers this year. Unfortunately, for us to get those answers the American people will have to wade through an unimaginable load of garbage to get the reality of the situation.

While other states sat around and waited for guidance from the Federal government, DeSantis got Florida reopened fully and ready to get back to our daily way of life. It wasn’t a hard thing for him to do, and the millions of Floridians were ready for it. With a state that is incredibly reliant on tourism, if he didn’t act the entire state would sink like a rock.

Thank God for real Americans like Governor DeSantis.