Man with “Jesus Saves” T-Shirt Faced Threatening Security at Mall of America

Kellen Richey /
Kellen Richey /

Security at the Mall of America attempted to kick out a shopper who was “offending” other shoppers recently. What was this man’s offensive activity?

He was wearing a T-shirt that said, “Jesus Saves.”

That’s it, nothing else…just wearing the T-shirt.

Mall security came to him and ordered the man to either remove the shirt or leave the premises.

A cell phone captured the confrontation in which a security guard told the man that his shirt was “offending” shoppers and the massive mall in Bloomington, Minnesota. The guard then gave the order to take the shirt off or to leave.

The back of the man’s shirt read, “Jesus is the only way” and includes the well-known “coexist” symbol crossed out, the outlet said.

“Jesus is associated with religion, and it’s offending people,” a security guard tells the man in one clip, adding that “people have been offended.”

“I didn’t say anything, though,” the man replies. “I didn’t speak …. I didn’t say anything. I just went to Macy’s.”

The guard continued, “Again … I’m giving you a couple options: take the shirt off, and you can go to Macy’s, and you can do your shopping — or you can leave the mall, OK? Those are your only options right now.”

Another clip of the encounter showed the guard getting angry and saying if the man wanted to shop there, he had to take the shirt off.

The man asked what was wrong with the shirt and the guard responded that it was religious soliciting and there was no soliciting allowed on mall property. The guard added that there were guests who complained that they were offended by the shirt.

One news outlet defended the mall’s position saying that they prohibited “inappropriate attire,” including apparel that “has obscene language, obscene gestures or racial/religious/ethnic slurs that are likely to create a disturbance.”

Another new outlet revealed that the Mall of America hosted and promoted a drag show for “all ages” about a year ago.

Eventually, the man was allowed to stay in the mall and keep his shirt on.

We knew that liberals are becoming increasingly offended by religion, but this goes a bit far, don’t you think?