Biden’s Choosing Who for Chief of Staff?

Stewart Reid /
Stewart Reid /

Why does President Joe Biden once again have a terribly low approval rating? Because he keeps making decisions that are beyond belief. The president is now appointing a former COVID czar to be his next chief of staff, according to a Sunday report.

Inside sources revealed to The Washington Post that Jeff Zients is going to be the successor to Ron Klain. He will likely step down as chief of staff in the next several weeks.

Zients became the COVID response coordinator for the first year of Biden’s presidency, leading the way in promoting vaccinations. Early in 2022, Biden referenced Zients as “a man of service and an expert manager.”

The White House is refusing to make official announcements about the chief of staff position. But some senior administration officials spoke with the New York Times and said that Klain has been talking to co-workers privately about plans to step down, and he has been doing this since the midterms.

Zients started coming back to the White House in the fall to help Klain with staff turnover issues. Klain has been giving Zients projects which have looked like preparation to take over the chief of staff position.

Zients is a very wealthy investor who had some senior positions in the Obama administration and also served on Facebook’s board of directors.

According to a Wall Street Journal analysis in March of 2021, Zient’s assets may be worth $89.3 million, placing him among the richest of Biden’s top aides.

If Zients is ultimately appointed, his first job will likely be to deal with Biden’s disastrous classified document scandal. The White House continues to insist Biden has done nothing wrong and the administration is fully cooperating with the National Archives and Justice Department.

But the investigation just keeps turning up more and more classified documents with some going back to Biden’s time in the Senate.