Ronald Reagan’s Son Discloses How Ronny Felt About Biden

Oscar Ivan Lopez /
Oscar Ivan Lopez /

President Ronald Reagan’s son Michael just disclosed some significant dirt on President Joe Biden.

Biden was a senator during Reagan’s two terms as president, and Michael said that Biden threatened his father that he would leak any covert action that Reagan had planned.

“After my father was out of office he shared with me that Sen. Joe Biden confronted him and told him if he disagreed with my father on a Covert action he had planned, he would leak it to the media to stop it,” Michael Reagan said.

Back in June of 1987, former President Reagan gave one of his most famous speeches, referring to the Berlin Wall. He insisted to Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Three days after the speech, Reagan wrote in his diary that Sen. Biden was a “demagogue.” He wrote, “[There was] some talk about Sen. Biden — now candidate for Pres. I saw him on CNN last night speaking to the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard U. He’s smooth but pure demagog[ue] — out to save America from the Reagan doctrine.”

Biden was a huge antagonist to Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, nicknamed “Star Wars.” Reagan’s goal was to eliminate the need for nuclear weapons, which he thought were fundamentally immoral.

In 1986, Reagan Reagan nominated William Rehnquist to be chief justice of the Supreme Court and Biden was the Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member. Reagan referred to Biden and his allies like Ted Kennedy and Howard Metzenbaum as a “lynch mob.”

And when Reagan nominated the brilliant conservative jurist Robert Bork to the Supreme Court, Biden’s treatment of the candidate was so intense that even The Washington Post questioned whether Biden was fit for higher office.

Let’s see, in light of the last two years, who would we rather have in the White House?