White House Silent as NJ Congresswoman Gunned Down in Her Car

May_Chanikran / shutterstock.com
May_Chanikran / shutterstock.com

Ever since President Biden took office, the White House has been a haven for white guilt and apologies to minorities for things the white house or its policies had nothing to do with. With the idea that if the minorities “feel heard” they will be happy and stay voting Democrat, they refuse to look at issues that aren’t pro-left.

Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour (R-Sayreville) was gunned down on February 2nd in her car, with the assailant escaping. Reported by a local Fox News outlet the story said “A 911 call reported shots fired around 7:22 p.m., the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office said. A female, identified by New Jersey Globe reporter David Wildstein as Dwumfour, was found dead in her vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds.” After being shot, the car continued to crash near the Camelot at La Mer apartment complex.

Officials are investigating the incident, and community organizer Charlie Kratovil took the news very hard. In a tweet, he said “A huge loss for the Sayreville community as Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour was shot and killed at approximately 7:20 pm causing a crash near Samuel Circle & Check Avenue I personally knew her to be a very kind person and public servant. May she rest in peace.”

Kratovil also reported that detectives have said this appears to be a targeted attack, but they did not say what she was targeted for, nor did they give any potential suspects.
Members of her NJ community poured in messages of condolences and love for Dwumfour. One person said “I’m incredibly saddened for this lovely young lady, her family, and the New Jersey community she served! My sincere condolences! This is horrible.” NJ Governor and Democrat Phil Murphy shared his condolences via text on Twitter.

“I am stunned by the news of Sayreville Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour’s murder last evening in an act of gun violence. Her career of public service was just beginning, and by all accounts, she had already built a reputation as a committed member of the Borough Council who took her responsibility with the utmost diligence and seriousness. I send my condolences to Councilwoman Dwumfour’s family and friends, her governing body colleagues, and the entire Sayreville community. Sayreville is a proud, tight-knit, and safe community and I know that it will come together, as it always has, in common purpose.”

With the policies of President Biden and the rest of the left encouraging criminals to keep violating the laws of this great land, what will finally get them to start taking crime seriously? Now that a Councilwoman has been gunned down in her car, outside her own home, it should be enough for them to cross party lines to properly acknowledge her death as something that should not have happened.

Yet because she is a member of the GOP, Biden and the rest of the party will ignore this. The only reason Gov. Murphy spoke up is that this happened in his state. Never mind that her death is almost the poster child for the leftist gun control bills. A minority, female, was gunned down in her car at home, and a pillar of the community. They’ll ignore all of that because she’s a Republican.

Most importantly though, she was a human. She was somebody in her community and served as a beacon of light to the people of Sayreville. With a background in IT and business consulting, she had grown quite a reputation for helping small businesses in her community, and her appointment to the Borough Counsel in 2021 was the culmination of her hard work. With a term that would have ended in 2024, she leaves behind a great hole in the GOP and most importantly in her family.

With this silence from the White House as well as members of the House and Congress, it is obvious just how direct their agenda is set, and any deviation from it and they cannot be bothered to acknowledge the problem. Then again, it wouldn’t be a shocker to learn her killer is someone who benefitted from their policies that let him gun her down in cold blood.