McConnell Moves Against Two GOP Senators While We’re Distracted with House Drama

Christopher Halloran /
Christopher Halloran /

With all eyes on the House of Representatives and the dramas playing out as Democrats are losing committee seats, it seems the same thing is quietly playing out in the Senate. Only, it’s the GOP going after its own.

With a new Congress in session, the Senate is also doing some rearranging, replacing senators who are no longer in the Upper House and such. However, there shouldn’t be a lot of changes expected.

After all, it’s not like the majority party changed or anything like it did in the House. Neither did the majority party gain a whole lot more seats, making them even slightly more powerful. In fact, the Democrats only upped their majority by a measly one seat.

So, who’s getting ousted from their seats and why?

Well, as it turns out, it’s a couple of Republican senators, one from Florida and the other from Utah. And they were removed from the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday by none other than their supposedly faithful leader Mitch McConnell, according to Fox News.

It is also important to point out here that both of the recently removed committee members are also known critics of McConnell.

Can you see where this is going?

As one of the ousted parties, Florida GOP Senator Rick Scott says this is nothing more than “political retribution.”

When speaking to CNN recently, Scott remarked that he had indeed been a critic of McConnell in the past. In particular, Scott had suggested that Republican senators run on a policy platform of sorts heading into the 2022 midterms. According to him, this would unite the party more and more likely ensure the expected “red wave.”

However, McConnell disagreed and overruled him.

Now, seeing as that red wave did not occur, Scott is even more critical of that move and, like a few others, blames McConnell and his seeming lack of effort as the main reason the Republicans still find themselves in the minority in the Senate.

Scott was so unimpressed with McConnell after the midterms that he even attempted to run in opposition to McConnell keeping his minority leader seat. Of course, Scott lost that bid, and McConnell appears to begrudge him for that move a bit, too.

As for Utah Senator Mike Lee, who was also booted from the sought-after committee, his criticism of McConnell hasn’t been nearly so public or outgoing. But it’s been there.

As Scott told CNN, “He didn’t like that I opposed him because I believe we have to have ideas – fight over ideas. And so, he took Mike Lee and I off the committee.”

Naturally, Lee isn’t exactly happy about the situation either and, like Scott, issued a critical tweet about McConnell’s move.

However, they aren’t the only ones at odds with this decision. For conservatives far and wide, it’s hard not to see this as anything but the “DC swamp” striking again.

As Charlie Kirk pointed out, these are two of “the best” lawmakers in the country, and both did great work in the committee during their time within its ranks. And yet, they’ve both suddenly and without warning been ousted. Hell, it’s been said that the notification of the removal was given to Scott via text message.

Why? Well, as far as anyone can figure, their only “crime,” if you can call it that, is having a mind of their own and one which doesn’t always wholeheartedly agree with Mitch McConnell’s. They also have the gall to call out wrongs as they see them – a trait most of us desperately want and need in our leadership.

But apparently, if they aren’t towing party or McConnell’s line, they’ve overstepped and deserve to be reprimanded or even cut out. DC swamp, indeed….