Turns Out That Chinese Balloon Wasn’t So “Civilian”

Paopano / shutterstock.com
Paopano / shutterstock.com

White House officials scrambled to claim the Chinese balloon first announced as it crossed Montana as a civilian balloon. They tried telling the American people that it was nothing to worry about and that the balloon was just something a “civilian” had used and lost control of. Then, it was nothing to worry about, just a weather station with minimal controls.

Now, the state department is reversing that course.

As first covered by Politico, officials learned a lot about the balloon before it went down. “High-resolution imagery from U-2 flybys revealed that the high-altitude balloon was capable of conducting signals intelligence collection operations.” The official noted that the equipment on the balloon was “inconsistent” with the equipment that a weather balloon would be carrying. The massive “multiple antennas to include an array likely capable of collecting and geo-locating communications,” was a clear indication that it wasn’t so friendly.

Speaking with CNN, an official said the balloon was “part of a PRC (People’s Republic of China) fleet of balloons developed to conduct surveillance operations,” which are “often undertaken at the direction of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).” They expanded on that admitting that China “has overflown these surveillance balloons over more than 40 countries across five continents” and sharing that “the Biden Administration is reaching out to countries directly about the scope of this program and answer any questions.”

Given the invasion of US airspace, talks are ongoing about sanctioning China as a response to this poor decision. Additionally, the US “will also explore taking action against PRC entities linked to the PLA that supported the balloon’s incursion into US airspace,” according to the official.

As CNN also noted, “a recovery operation to secure debris from the balloon is ongoing with analysis continuing at an FBI laboratory in Virginia, but the officials’ remarks suggest the US has already established the balloon was operating with electronic surveillance technology.”

These kinds of lies and deceptions by the White House are in line with Biden’s motives, but his decision to have various Generals claim that this happened during the Trump administration is insane. Manipulating the American people and trying to claim that something happened years after it “occurred” is beyond excusable.

One interesting spot from Biden’s allegations is the Air Force’s claims that they have the technology to detect objects in the air and past velocities long after they have left the area. This kind of surveillance is paperback-novel-level science fiction, yet to learn it’s been available like this is one hell of a way to release such a national secret.

Every bit of evidence and paperwork released thus far doesn’t indicate that this was occurring during the Trump administration. Much like this balloon was visible from miles away in Montana, earlier balloons would have been as well. With how connected the American people are on social media there is little to no prayer of a balloon this big floating across the sky would move without being detected and shared with the world.

It’s time for Biden to come clean. Between the balloon, Hunter’s laptop, and the insider trading his party has a history with, the man has more secrets than the NSA. It’s time to tell the American people the truth. If he can remember it that is. As CNN shows, this was one dangerous balloon to be overhead.