Biden’s Trip to Ukraine Involves a Weird Touching Incident 

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Biden can never seem to keep his hands to himself. And this time, it’s not 12-year-old girls in America. He has chosen to move on to a government official in Ukraine. 

Allow us to share the details. 

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for a year. And from what the media tells us, it’s extremely dangerous. Yet, Joe Biden chose to make a “surprise” visit to the nation during a recent trip to Poland. 

If Ukraine is really as dangerous as we’re made to believe, what in the world are we doing sending our president into the warzone? 

Apparently, it wasn’t really much of a surprise. The Russians were told of Biden’s arrival even before it was made public to Americans. So much for the transparency promised by this administration. 

Ahh, but we digress. 

Biden delivered a few remarks in Kyiv and read from his notes. He was an embarrassment, as usual, and it’s unlikely that he had no idea what he was talking about. Unfortunately, the embarrassment goes far beyond what came out of his mouth. 

While Biden was greeting a few of Zelensky’s officials, he commented on one of their biceps. He even grabbed the man’s right bicep! “Lookin’ good, man, you still have those biceps.” 

What now? Why would Biden even say such a thing? And some of the other Ukrainians exchanged looks with one another. They were either feeling sorry for our president or hoping that he wouldn’t work his way down the line, grabbing everyone’s biceps. 

You can see just how weird it got since RNC Research was able to share a video clip on Twitter: