Poor Pete: Biden Dispatches Him to East Palestine after Trump Visit Makes Dems Look Terrible

Rich Koele / shutterstock.com
Rich Koele / shutterstock.com

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg showed up at about 7 a.m. Thursday in East Palestine, Ohio. He didn’t look happy to be there. Unlike President Trump, who showed up the day before and took half the town out to lunch, Pete Buttigieg had bailed before noon. He was photographed on a flight back to DC that afternoon. We’ll give him credit where credit’s due, however. We’re pretty sure that this is the hardest three hours that Pete Buttigieg has worked during his entire tenure as Joe Biden’s failed Transportation Secretary.

During his first few months on the job, Buttigieg was at home pretending to breastfeed a baby he had adopted. “Paternity leave.” While that was happening, container ships were stacking up outside the ports on the West Coast. It was a disaster and definitely played a role in our supply chain issues and the inflation that America is suffering right now.

Now, the Biden regime and Pete Buttigieg have spent three whole weeks doing nothing after the catastrophic train derailment in East Palestine, followed by one of the worst ecological disasters in decades. Livestock, family pets, and fish in local streams are all dying. The air is poisoned. The water is poisoned. Most of the people who live in East Palestine can’t afford to escape while cleanup operations are carried out.

Not that the Biden regime is even carrying out cleanup operations yet. Biden promised to send FEMA to the town last Friday, and they still haven’t shown up a week later. One bright ray of hope for East Palestine that did show up was America’s real president – Donald J. Trump.

President Trump went to the town on Wednesday to deliver truckloads of clean drinking water and supplies. He took a big group of local firefighters and first responders out to lunch. He greeted every person he saw and shook their hands. Crowds lined up and chanted “USA! USA!” as the beloved president arrived. Many people got choked up or openly cried when he took the time to shake their hands and offer them words of encouragement.

Trump’s visit was presidential and showed the exact kind of leadership that’s been lacking in the unelected Biden regime for the past two years. Embarrassed by being shown up by the real president, an enraged Joe Biden finally dispatched Pete Buttigieg to East Palestine. Do something, Pete!

Buttigieg snuck into town early the next morning. There was really no danger of crowds lining the street and chanting “USA!” upon his arrival. Instead, Buttigieg wandered around for a few very short hours in a hardhat, looking confused as so many people were trying to ask him questions about how the federal government was going to respond to help the people who are suffering through this disaster.

Actual Pete Buttigieg quote: “I lost my train of thought.”

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), who represents the people of the state, said it was “about time” that failed Transportation Secretary Buttigieg showed up.

Unfortunately, Buttigieg didn’t bring any help or hope to the people of East Palestine. In all honesty, all of the residents should be in FEMA trailers far away from the blast zone by now, so they and their children can breathe some air that’s not poisoned. The residents of the town have received many charity donations from people outside the state. But they still haven’t received a dime from the same administration that just gave another $500 million in taxpayer dollars to Ukraine this week.

President Trump did more for the people of East Palestine as a private citizen in one day than the entire federal government has done in three weeks. The best Joe Biden could do was send Pete Buttigieg, who bailed on the operation before lunchtime.