The House Probe into the Biden Family Scandals, er, Business Continues

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There’s been a House probe looking into the Biden family – and the various scandals that have likely taken place. This includes everything from the classified documents that Biden had within his Delaware home’s garage all the way to the shady business deals of Hunter Biden.

It’s hard to imagine that the Biden family isn’t guilty.

After all, they don’t even want to comply with the request for various documents.

If they have nothing to hide, why do they insist on HIDING everything?

Kathy Chung was the former “gatekeeper” for President Joe Biden. And her lawyer, Bill Taylor, told CNN that she will be handing over some of the rested documents for an interview with the House Oversight Committee. Note the key word here: SOME.

The investigation is looking into nine violations against the Biden family that cover wire fraud, money laundering, and more.

Representative James Comer (R-KY) is the chair of the House committee. He’s requested documents and communications from Chung that date all the way back to 2009. It makes it possible to review more of the Biden family business, including the time that Biden spent in the capacity of VP.

Why focus on Chung? As Comer wrote in his request to her, “The Committee believes your proximity to Vice President Biden and role as handler of his personal matters gave you access not only to classified material he maintained after leaving the White House, but also to the Biden family’s business schemes.”

Chung and her lawyer have already identified that they won’t be providing the committee with everything that Comer has requested, which is already a red flag. Combine this with the fact that Biden has already admitted that Hunter had access to the garage where classified documents had been stashed and it’s easy to see that the Bidens could be in serious trouble.

The Republicans have been constantly hitting walls because no one wants to provide EVERYTHING. And why not? If Biden’s innocent, it should be easy to hand over everything as a way to clear the Biden name. Instead, the FBI, the Treasury Department, and other government agencies are continuously making it harder for the investigative committee to do its job.

A recent poll, as reported by Breitbart, has shown that more people want probes into the Biden family:

The question is, how many times will it be acceptable for people to only comply with SOME of the requests?