“Chemical Bronchitis” a Part of the New Normal in East Palestine, OH

Krakenimages.com / shutterstock.com
Krakenimages.com / shutterstock.com

As we reach the end of the first month following the train derailment in East Palestine, OH, people are starting to discover that the Joe Biden administration and its group of flunkies lied (big surprise). With residents now complaining of new symptoms, one healthcare worker has started describing it as “chemical bronchitis.”

Workers from QUICKmed Urgent Care spoke with WKBN about the massive influx of patients from the area with the same symptoms- the feeling of a burning sensation when they breathe, unexplained rashes, and an overall general feeling of weakness. Many of these patients report that the feelings subside when they leave home, only to return shortly after returning to the impacted area.

Deb Weese told the outlet “This could be a lot of things, but if you’re leaving your house and [symptoms] improve, and you go back and it comes back, I’m not thinking that’s allergies or not thinking it’s a cold. I think it’s related to that stuff you’re inhaling there. Let’s face it: If it comes down to it, it might be something in the future that comes about from all these chemicals they’re breathing in that we don’t know about, so it’s important that they document all of their symptoms.”

This guidance is the same given to anyone following a known toxic exposure, and given the previous testing results from these chemicals, it would be best if everyone took this seriously and got their baseline scores now. After events like 9/11 and the Fukushima power plant, it became common knowledge just how hard companies and insurance corporations would fight against payouts or covering the illnesses their chemicals brought on unsuspecting people.

With so much of the chemicals burned off, the air has become even more toxic than it was when it was just a spill. Add in the runoff to the rivers and streams, and this has become a horrific incident. So far over 43,000 fish have been reported deal, along with countless birds, deer, livestock, and family pets.

Norfolk Southern has taken a limited liability stance on the issue. While they have provided some direct relief funds and set aside funding for future lawsuits, they haven’t shown any desire to put forth the kind of dedication or effort to be transparent with the community. Instead, they have projected the image that the town was out to get them and would rather disembowel their representatives than talk with them.

While there is certainly plenty of anger there (and rightfully so), they have every right to be upset after being lied to so fiercely. At first, they were told it was no danger, then it was only within a mile that they might have to worry. Now they are seeing the impacts hundreds of miles away in Cleveland and Pittsburg.

All the residents want is the truth about their futures. They want to know what to expect for their medical concerns, and about their kids. The older residents want to know how this will impact their already limited time left on the earth. Nobody has given them a straight answer yet.

Perhaps it’s time Norfolk Southern stops hiding, and starts embracing the truth.