Guards Force Chicago Inmates to Illegally Vote for Failed Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Steve Hamann /
Steve Hamann /

It looks like failed Mayor Lori Lightfoot is about to sail back to reelection, despite having just a 13% approval rating among Chicago voters right now. How is it possible that she’ll be reelected? Inmates in Chicago prisons are blowing the whistle on an illegal ballot-harvesting operation that was ordered by the mayor.

Lightfoot has overseen the worst decline in Chicago’s standard of living in modern history, with staggering amounts of crime, daily shootings and homicides, and other horrors that didn’t exist before she came into office. And thanks to election fraud, she’ll likely remain the mayor for a few more years.

During New Year’s Eve weekend of 2022, the last weekend of the year, nearly 30 people were shot in Chicago. A young boy and six others were killed, and 21 were wounded. That capped off a year in which about 630 people were killed and 2,600 others were shot and wounded. Or, as Lori Lightfoot puts it, “An improvement!”

It’s hard to understate just how fed-up Chicago voters are with Lori Lightfoot. Her strategy of pouring seething hatred out on police officers until they quit from low morale, combined with no-cash bail and Soros-funded prosecutors letting criminals back out on the street, has made Chicago one of the most dangerous cities in the world. It’s safer in Mogadishu these days.

And it looks like Lightfoot isn’t going anywhere.

Inmates in Chicago prisons are telling the Daily Mail from London that Lightfoot is having the guards force them to vote for her. There are no cameras in the jails and no election observers, so it’s the perfect location for a Democrat Party ballot harvesting operation.

According to the inmates, the guards come in and tell everyone to “Line up to vote.” One inmate says he asked a guard if they had checked to see whether any of the inmates were registered to vote, and the guard replied, “No.” (It’s legal for inmates to vote in Chicago elections because… well, because reasons. Shut up, racist!)

The inmate then told the guard, “But you should because if I’m registered to vote somewhere else like I am, you are asking me and enticing me to vote even though I’m registered somewhere else and that’s a felony. I can’t be voting in two different jurisdictions.”

The guard responded, “I’m just following orders.”

Pause for just a moment and ponder the fact that a convict in a prison for murderers, rapists, carjacker, and burglars has stronger ethics about election integrity than the Democrat Party.

Another inmate – one who really is serving time for murder – told the Daily Mail that 21 of the 48 inmates on his cell block had already voted. According to the murderer, none of the inmates on his block had been asked if they were registered or eligible to vote.

Just last week, Mayor Lightfoot told the South Side neighborhood of Chicago that if they weren’t going to vote for her, they shouldn’t bother to vote at all. She also posted an amazing graphic on Twitter encouraging Chicago residents to vote twice for her. The graphic has since been taken down, but it certainly sheds a lot of light on how elections are carried out in Chicago, doesn’t it? For Democrat Party politicians, it’s always better to ask for forgiveness instead of permission.

Lightfoot is actually in third place in polls of Chicago voters, and she’s in a crowded field of 13 candidates running for mayor. However, she’s at the top of the food chain as the current mayor, and the only candidate running who can pass down orders for prison guards to harvest ballots. We’ll see if this is enough to put her over the top when Chicago Democrats finish counting the votes sometime around July.